Friday, September 29, 2006

Halladay In Chanbodia

I looked for Blue Jays today as we went to Chan's sister's hotel, to help her lug bags to her new hotel. I guess she got cheaper rates by getting a different hotel each night. (Of course, she could've just stayed with us, but I think Chan doesn't want his sister to have to deal with me and my, you know, clutter. Terrible job, Chan.) I didn't see any Jays, though. Then we got to the new hotel, and walking off the elevator as we walked on was Roy Halladay. Okay, so we were now at the Jays' hotel.

After we checked out what turned out to be a sweet view from her room, we headed back out, and there was Halladay in the lobby, along with some other Jays. Then we went outside to discover Ted Lilly. I realized I had my video camera with me, as I was on my way to Grand Central after we ate lunch, to start my trip up to Fenway, where I'll do some taping. So I took it out, and made like Chan was a tourist, and I was filming him. So I have some nice shots of Chan with Ted Lilly over his shoulder, as well as some hounds getting Halladay's autograph. But I won't get to post them, or anything from this weekend's games, until Monday or late Sunday night at the earliest. So look for that stuff then.

Oh, and don't you hate it when people say that the Red Sox and Yankees play each other 19 times a year? It's clearly 18 OR 19. In '07, we get them only 18. Surely people will be confused. What I didn't know is that, in our division, you don't necessarily play two of your division rivals 18 times and the other two 19 times automatically. Next year we only play one (Tampa Bay) of the four 19 times, and the other three 18 times.

Did Lilly have that little smirk on his face that he always seems to have when he's pitching? The Sox finally knocked him around a little this year. I know there are a fair # of Sox fans who think we should target him, but his #'s against the rest of the league aren't encouraging.
I get bummed out at the mere sight of Lilly's name.
Hey, I forgot to tell you. When I was at Sky Dome for Big Papi's 53rd, I accidentally took the elevator reserved for Blue Jays personnel. Just got on board with a group that turned out to be Halladay's family--wife, kids and nanny. The elevator guy kept staring at me what with my Dominican Baseball t-shirt and Sox cap. I helped the nanny get the baby-laden stroller out of the elevator so that's why he didn't tell me to stay off his elevator.
Best post title. Ever.
If there's anything we can ever agree on, Jere, it's this video. This might be the one post you don't delete. That is, if you see the video before deleting. Big props to Keith Olberman.
A good KO link...thank you. Somehow I missed it. I've always liked him, and his political/media stance on just about everything, including Howard Stern. Thanks DYW.

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