Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Great Race Ruined

The Wild Card strikes again. I've never liked it. And this year, it takes all the meaning out of an AL Central race going down to the wire. Most of the meaning anyway. Terrible job, Fox. (Don't they make the rules?)

So... would you give up the 2004 championship to change the rule?

I don't see how the Wild Card definitively eliminates exciting chases for postseason berths. There were plenty of pre-WC seasons where there were as many exciting do-or-die races as there are this year this late in the season.
Just never liked it from day one. It'd be hypocritical of me to say in '04, "NOW I like it." Although that would make a funny joke or whatever. But, I'm just sayin', not a big fan. I love division races. And they often get the meaning taken away from them now.
Right. Hey- I strongly dislike interleague play. I can see not liking it.

Theoretically though- I mean, it's only taking away from the one division race any year, and potentially replacing it with a Wild Card race- so the probability of having a race is still there. Right? I fucking suck at math.

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