Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Fox Shits Out Its Mouth

We just beat the Yanks. Always good. One more and we avoid them clinching in front of us.

You know, if we win all four, we could be 4.5 out of the Wild Card.

Anyway, TJ as usual by McCarver and Fox. Horribly talking shit about Ortiz, saying that having more "voices" (gee, voters, sorry we have 20,000 less seats at fenway) chanting "MVP" means your guy has a better chance to get it. In other words, admitting that the system is unfair. At one point they even said that Jeter is the front-runner in the MVP race. Don't they know that if they spout lies as if they're truth, people will blindly believe it? I wonder how many voters went "oh crap, Jeter's the front-runner? I better change my vote, I wouldn't want to pick the wrong guy." I bet some actually did. It's a shame.

If Jeter wins this MVP, he and Kay will laugh at how Kay used his power to make him the MVP, by telling everyone that he is the MVP. If he wins, he may say stuff about how other people deserved it more, but he'll walk away laughing, because he's a sneaky little cheating jerk.

Oh and I liked how McCarver said, about Ortiz' comments, that Jeter "would never say anything like that." Like what, Tim, the things that Ortiz said in your mind?

Then they're all talking about what a bad reception Ortiz will get, and how Jeter will get his MVP chants. Thing was, there were still so many Sox fans there, none of this happened nearly to the extent they told us it was, despite that we could hear the truth with our own ears.

And they went on about the 52,000 people per game. Remember, folks: discounted tickets. Really discounted. Obscenely discounted.

If there's anything more hyped up in this world than the New York Yankees organization, I'd like to know what it is. What's to enjoy about rooting for that team? I continue to root for the worst for them every day.

McCarver did actually agree with me about Pap staying as closer. He even used my example of: Would you have made Rivera a starter after his first year of closing? Unlike me, though, he said "knowing what you do now..." Well, duh, Tim.

My Huskers are actually playing a good team early in the season, on national TV tonight. At USC. So I'll be switching back and forth betweeen that and the Sox.

Holycrap! You're in color!
I feel so black and whiteish....?
Your new banner makes me feel like I ate some bad red rope licorice...apparently it's circulating through the crowd, or so I'm told...
Love the new banner! Very nice.

I felt kind of creepy that Timmy agrees with me (and you) about Papelbon. I'd rather not agree with him about anything.
I can't stand watching McCarver
From my prediction on my Blog about FOX Saturday Baseball & Mr James Timothy Mc Carver, I was right in predicting his blatant mentioning of Derek Jeter:

Think of one half blasted burst of brilliance from the "Sophocles Of The Diamond" & you'll get this brilliant one liner;

"Mime In The Rock Band, is beginning to make some noise";

Much of this garbage comes from News Corp-Controlled NY Post & their expert team of exaggerators.
Absolutely LOVE The Colour in the New Version!
& when this Atlanta Braves Style Run comes to an end, even the discounted seats will not be filled:

There will be a 50% to 60% drop in ticket sales;

Bandwagoners will be elsewhere on the weekend, trust me on that one.
Even Mc Carver will stop extolling Derek Jeter & Umpires will stop falling for his acting skills.
I feel like I died and went to style heaven.

Re: Papelbon... At this point I have fair confidence that the REd Sox FO will make the WRONG decision about pitching any time they get the chance... So Papelbon should probably stay as closer. But as far as mistakes go, I'd rather them make this one - an undoubtedly great pitcher added to our rotation, instead of whatever reclamation project they might go for this winter...
Towards your point about YS attendance, from the Herald this morning:

"All games of the Yankees series were sold out but many ticket-holders opted to spend their weekend elsewhere. There were 12,188 no-shows Saturday night and an astounding 21,581 yesterday afternoon. . . . "
Yeah, lots of empties this weekend. This Yankee fan I know came into my office on Friday. We started talking about the two teams, and then I asked, "You goin' this weekend?" "To what?" "Any games?" "What games?" "Red Sox are playin' the Yanks this weekend, dude." "Up in Boston?" "No, here!"

And this is a classic NY-accented, make fun of you like you're less of a person for being a Sox fan-type, who at the time was wearing a Yankees hat and shirt. So...
And Jason, it's good to have pap either way. It's their call where they want to put him. Just keep him on the team and I'm happy.

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