Saturday, September 09, 2006


You know it's a special season when you go to Fenway on your birthday, 9/8, and the Red Sox come back from a five-run defecit to win by a score of 9-8, on a David Ortiz late-inning hit... what I would've said if Timlin hadn't blown the effing game! He hits a dude to put the go-ahead run on base? Come on, man. That was shitty. Of course, when it was 9-8, I did think of how my sister's birthday is 9/10, and hoped the eight wouldn't turn into a ten. It did. If my sister was a Royals fan and hated me, it would've been a great moment for her.

And then after all that, we find out the White Sox and Twins won. That could be it right there for the ol' [insert some stupid name like "boys in red" that tells the reader you're creative; you don't just settle for saying "Sox"]. But stranger things have happened.

Pics from last night to follow.

Wow, I was waiting for your comments about last night's game. The only person more upset than you was Tito...and with good reason.
Really crummy. I hope your other birthday presents are better than the one the Sox gave you.
Changing the subject, here's another word on the late Glenn Ford, something that might be of interest to Red Sox trivia aficionados as opposed to Red Sox fans who are dyin' heah.
Glenn Ford who came to be Superman's stepdad got his big start starring with Sydney Poitier in "Blackboard Jungle," an incredible departure from most Hollywood 50's movies. The song from that movie, "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley and the Comets (who I saw perform at the State Theatre in Hartford,)sold the rights to that song to the Red Sox--it became their theme in the late eighties.
I think I got all that straight.
Weird. I'd earlier mentioned that they used "Jaihouse Rock," making it Red Sox Rock during the '86 playoffs. But you're right, they also had "gonna rock, gonna rock, Re-ed Sox tonight," a take off on "ock Around the Clock." That was a Channel 30 song during one of those years. (Again, I never knew if the channel 30-Hartford Red Sox themes were different from the 38 ones or if they just picked up those themes along with the game feeds. Other themes of Red Sox baseball on 30 were Industrial Disease by Dire Starits, Every Litle Kiss by, I don't know, Mike & the Mechanics?, and Obsession by Animotion.)
'Every Little Kiss' is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.
And Glenn Ford was a great actor, a man who could step into a role and make it his own. Hi Mary Ann.
BruHo and the Rizz, I should've known (or Googled) that! So. other JS, do you remember these songs before Red Sox games in the 80s? That would prove they were network-wide and not just made for channel 30. Seems like it would have to be NOT just made by 30, but the weird thing was, the song would end and the coverage would start, but it felt like they were cutting in a little late, giving the impression that 38 had some other intro we weren't seeing. I'll figure this out one day.

Yes, Timlin is personifying pukebarf at times.
And the trivia question for all this: what historic baseball moment is Bruce Hornsby tied to?
I think the fact that Julian Tavarez is currently the most reliable starting pitcher on the team pretty much sums it all up.
Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Jere! Much more important in the big scheme of things.

About Hornsby: I don't know, but it seems like you've mentioned this before.
Historic baseball moment? Did McGwire listen to "Mandolin Rain" before juicing? I always took him for more of a Huey Lewis guy.

Obscure Bruce Hornsby trivia : Bruce helped get Allen Iverson out of prison.
It's not just that they's the way they lose. Pukebarf Timlim hits someone late in a tied game? This is just plain wrong. Imagine if the Sox had gone 13-12 in their last 25, instead of 6-19, or whatever the gawd-awful stat was that I heard last night...

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