Friday, September 15, 2006

Coming Of Age

I've mentioned this before, but isn't it funny how different our experience at thirteen was from today's kids?

Today they've got the internet, the sex, the myspace, the sex, the iPod, the sex, the Blackberry, the sex, the Bluetooth, the sex, the wireless, the unprotected sex, the Paris Hilton, the sex, the cell phones, the sex, etc. Here's what it looks like:

In my day, it was more about wearing boxers as shorts (unironically), sweatpants in the winter, ridin' bikes, Wiffle Ball, and maybe setting a fire or two in the woods. As Pat said, "there weren't enough Panini Football sticker books in that Thirteen movie."

At left is what we looked like. Note the Red Sox hat, shirt, and boxers, as Jere plays tennis with Dad at the Ridgefield High School tennis courts, circa summer '89. The aforementioned Pat is behind the camera.

Red Sox at Yankees tonight. Does Jeter still have that streak? Or did it "slip their minds" again? It's horseshit right up until the end with that squad. I'm surprised with this fake Ortiz story, they didn't somehow connect him to steroids, since that's what they all want to believe anyway.

Just came across this great piece on Murray Chass. Nice job, Bosox West! Last weekend, I got to my parents' house, and my mom AND dad said to me, "Don't even look at the Murray Chass article." I didn't.

More important than the game in the Bronx, tonight the Sox' AA affiliate, the Portland Sea Dogs, look to clinch their first Eastern League Championship with a victory over the Akron Aeros. Portland leads the best of five series, two games to none. Portland defeated the Dunbar AA affiliate Trenton Thunder in the first round of the EL playoffs on a tenth inning, walk-off home run by Brandon Moss. This, despite the presence in the Trenton lineup of rehabbing Dunbar Ringer Hidecki "Shemp" Matsui. I know, I'm the only one outraged by the fact that Matsui was allowed to play in a postseason game for a AA team...

BTW, my cousin is a sports editor for the NYTimes, and he confirmed for me that Times staffers consider Murray to be a bitter, no-talent hack.
Portland is a good team, I saw them play New Britian a couple times this year.

The game tonight should be good, the Yanks-Sox one that is, the Red Sox don't really have anything to play for anymore, but they always want to beat the Yanks, which always makes the games entertaining.
I got my ears pierced when I was, like, eleven. And I remember my dad had a lot of issues with it. "Why do you need 2 holes in your head?" is how I think he phrased his thoughts. Anyway, tongue piercing at 13 would have been completely out of the question.

Then again, there were girls and guys with "reputations" in Jr. High. Maybe times haven't changed that much. Well, except for the internet, AIDS and the whole "post 9-11 world" situation.
Toungue Piercing @ 13?

Ears Pierced @ 11?

Now, the Hot thing is to walk around with the T-Mobile Color Sidekick III & look like a rock star;

Maybe, Derek Jeter will get his own line of designer condoms, with "A-Rod" Lube.
LETS/GO/SEA/DOGS!!! clap clap clapclapclap
Maybe, Derek Jeter will get his own line of designer condoms, with "A-Rod" Lube.

Memo- the Yankees are gay jokes are not and, debatably, were never funny in any way, shape or form. Please, for the love of hot tittyfucking Christ, GIVE IT A REST!
& since 9/11, DSL & Cable Internet to boot+Wireless Web Access & Text Messaging:

I 1st saw High School Girls do Text Messaging in Y2k, taking the place of Transistor Radios;

None of it worked on 9/11/01 in NYC, though;

I started Texting in '97 on Omnipoint;

It was as if I was a HS Kid, in today's world, though I do remember Analog Walkie-Talkies.
I think the parental situation (mother recovering addict, father nowhere to be found, recovering addict stepdad) was more to blame than the times. Kids was made almost ten years before Thirteen.

I remember people saying all the same things about TV and video games when we were growing up.
It was kind of a joke.... on how me being 13 involved sticker books compared to those crazy kids in that movie. And no matter what kids were doing in '89, anything I did was really tame. You gotta admit the kids are getting youner every day. Even Greg and Marcia argued this way back in the sixties.

I think of 1995 as "today" as compared to 89, when I was 13.

I do remember Kids coming out, not seeing it, and hearing everyone be all shocked that "kids" were having sex. And being like 21 at the time, far from 13, even then I made fun of people being shocked by it.

I don't know, this post was strictly made to make people laugh. I promise.
In that case, I remember when the guy at Squash's gave me free stickers because I bought the baseball stickers instead of Garbage Pail Kids. I think he thought that Garbage Pail Kids were ruining the youth of Ridgefield.
Would that be Scott Mason? Or do I just associate him with Squash's because he was my coach when I was on the Squash's Pony League team?

GPK WAS ruining the youth of Ridgefield! Haha. Specifically John McElroy. Maybe you knew his little bro? I forget his name because we called him Buzz.
It's pretty funny to hear someone your age say "in my day". I'm much older than you, and I was very like those girls in Thirteen, just a tad older.

We didn't have Blackberries or Bluetooth, but we had a lot of sex. So did teenagers in your day. And in your parents' day. You know that, right?

Have you seen the movie? It's very good.
Look at my clothes. No sex.
Getting back to Murray Ch(ass)...his hatred for all things Red Sox is palpable, his writing racist in its tilt. But his writing reels me in just because of those shortcomings. I will never understand where the hatred comes from. And I'm OK with that. 4 games...2 Yankee celebration. That is my wish. I get 3, right?? In was in the directions, battery included. This damn lamp!
"Look at my clothes. No sex."

LOL. Well, not at that age, no. Not for me either at that age (although not long thereafter). Everything happens younger now, that's undeniable.

I just meant that, adjusted for age, kids now are the same as you were, the same as I was, all those decades earlier. They just have shorter childhoods and longer adolescences.
Also girls generally grow up faster than boys. Then as now.
After all those comments I can't help but think of the Times article yesterday on the return of Kickball. Hey, we all did that too, right? Anyway, leagues are forming at your local park right now. Fourth grade rules still apply. This one player who was quoted describes the continuing Kickball humiliation: girl on opposite team playing first base snags his kick out of mid-air, steps on the base for the force and then proceeds to fire the ball at his stomach anyway, putting him out twice. Pure Kickball.
Also, the accompanying photo shows adult players with faces as happy and excited as fourth graers.
I think, Jere, this is right up yours and Chan's alley.
Yes, kickball rules. Hasn't there been another "comeback" for kickball recently?

L- yes, girls do start with the growing up and whatnot earlier than boys, creating awkwardness around that age.

Shorted childhoods, longer adolescences: I can agree with that.

And I saw a bunch of the movie, not a big fan.
Would that be Scott Mason? Or do I just associate him with Squash's because he was my coach when I was on the Squash's Pony League team?

I think it was the guy with the beard, not the guy with the glasses.

PS Yesteryear's Collectibles was the bomb.
Holy C, you remember Yest. Coll.? I was really young when that place was around! We'd get those scratch-off baseball cards. Each guy had like 20 black circles. You'd set your lineup, and scratch off a black square to see what each guy did. A dude like Rice would have more HRs available than Concepcion, for example. Seeing that "HR" just set the tone for my life. There's something so pleasing about seeing those two thick letters side by side. HRss rule.

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