Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Red Sox two-hit by Ori...

Just forget it. Anyway, who was talking recently about the Wayne's World sketch where they talked about "an escorted or coerced zeppelin"? Well, I was going through a tape tonight from '93. It had the SNL Music a Go Go special. Wayne and Garth did a bunch of little skits throughout. Check it out:

Also, my girlfriend and I were talking three days ago about the "Cory Hotline," and this tape also contained that Simpsons episode.

I've discovered that more coincidences happen the more you remember and/or document. Either that or a lot of them happen to me for no reason.

Fucking Awesome!!! That was me who reminded you of that, I thought it was on the same program with the "Pain Cave" video; I totally forgot about the music-a-go-go a year's time, your vhs collection will have been proven to cure cancer, I'm convinced of it; at the very least, you should run across Michael Jordan's episode with "The First Black Harlem Globetrotter" skit...
With Mr. Saperstein! Oh, that tape's fully labeled and everything. Because it was the first episode of 92/93 I believe. Jordan and Public Enemy. (Who I recently referred to, like, three posts ago.)

This is cool. People used to have to come over for me to say, check out what I just found, we were just talking about this! Now I can do it electronically to millions. All right, tens.

Liked your 9/11 post, by the way. Garth, that was a haiku.
It was totally the first episode that season; also had the "bad" commercials Jordan had turned down during the monologue- "Mr. Jordan, do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?"

If you have the Gretzky "Blue Hawaii" ripoff skit, then we're really onto something...

As for the 9/11 post, I'm glad you liked it; it was something I worked on for awhile, couldn't finish, then it just came to me that morning. Like a bajillion other people, I can't believe that was 5 years ago. Carl Everett played for us then, for chrissakes...
Are you referring to Waikiki Hockey? One of Chan's favorites, oddly enough. I've at least got that from one of their SNL Goes Sports...y? specials.
"I don't play hockey. I'm just a busboy..."

That Chan is a smart burrito.
My favorite part of that skit was a different skit. It always reminds me of the Joe Montana episode, where people say a line, then we hear what they're really thinking. Only Montana is a dumb guy so he always says what he's thinking.

Joe: "I'm gonna go up to my room and masturbate."

Joe's thoughts (voice over): "I'm gonna go up to my room and masturbate."

Speaking of Chan and burritos, that's what we're doing tonight. Then on to a movie in which the star will be at the theater. I will blab about it when I get home.
You're going to see Borat?

And where are you going for burritos....Blockheads? I miss the UES already.
What, is Borat in town?? Crap. No, we're going to see the new Franken movie downtown. The place I love to go for burritos is down by Union Square, and then we'll walk over to the theater. I am sure I will see Franken, and other celbs, since I won't have a camera with me.
I was just taking a wild guess on Borat. I actually saw Al Franken once standing outside of the Angelika downtown as a movie was letting out, talking to a fan. Seemed like a nice guy.

Have a good time.

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