Sunday, September 24, 2006


In feel-good news, David Ortiz is auctioning off his 50th HR ball at Along with the ball, the winner gets to meet the man himself, and sit in sweet seats at an upcoming game. The money goes to the Boys & Girls Club of Papi's town in the Domincan. I was surprised to see the bidding went to about $12,000 rather quickly. But as I type this Sunday night, it's up to $42,000. Amazing. Apparently, Papi thought of this himself. And since he's gotten more HR balls back from fans since, there may be a lot more money on the way to good causes.

In more feel-good news, Red Sox Chick has been doing a lot for Jon Lester since his cancer diagnosis. Click that link and here her tale of Jon himself showing up at her doorstep.

I just read that, so it makes my most recent brush with celelbrity seem tame, but here it is anyway:

Tonight, I was coming back from the subway station when I got a cravin' for the good ol' fashion, down home cookin' of Taco Bell. The only thing I get there is the bean burrito. Once in a great while, I'll choose the Bell over the many fine actual Mexican restaurants here in the city.

So I go into the Bell and I immediately notice that dude, Jesse, from the bizarre documentary Capturing the Friedmans. This guy was in jail for over ten years, either for doing nothing wrong, or for abusing little kids. That's kind of the point of the movie; it's up to the viewer to decide. The whole family was pretty messed up, but I tend to believe Jesse is innocent.

While I pondered what I could possibly say to this guy in person, he decided he was gonna tell me, from about twenty feet away, that he approved of my T-shirt. "I love that shirt, that's a cool shirt," he said of my beloved Space Invaders tee. Nice. You know, nice, if he didn't molest any kids.

Some crappy games in Toronto the last two days. My parents picked some winners to go to. At least they got to see a Papi homer in his MYP season, and the debut of Hansack.

More on the Manny "situation" tomorrow night.

WMP does not belong in a major league outfield. Did you see his horribleness yesterday?
The vacationing Manny? That one?
No, Peter, he's not on vacation.

And yes, WMP showed that famous upside potential in the outfield yesterday.
Holy Cow, you met Jesse Friedman???

Oh, that freaking documentary just fueled my obsessive-compulsive nature for months.

I always thought (maybe hoped is the better word) Jesse was innocent and his father was guilty. But regardless, you hit the nail on the head - one messed up family.

The brother, David the one who is a clown in New York - HE'S the one who weirds me out.

Thanks for the plug, Jere. Jon is a good kid - nice to find that out in person.
Ooh, and about Manny - I know it is terrible, but I got a big kick out of Edes complaining that someone dared call him at home to complain about that hatchet job he did on Manny the other day.

So it's all right for Gordon to accuse Manny of faking an injury that has kept him out of more than a handful of games. With absolutely nothing to prove it - trying to use his teammates like Loretta and Crisp playing through injuries against him (oh, and Coco helped the team so much by playing hurt, didn't he???)....but he gets all high and mighty when someone calls him on it?

I used to respect he's in the same league as CHB to me.
Funny, I never finished the story. jfJere: Terrible job!

So, after he complimented the shirt, I thanked him. I thought about going over to him and his ladyfriend, but, again, what to say to a guy like that? I thought about saying "Bye, Jesse," as I walked out, but didn't.

He seems like an arrested development type to me, from the movie, and from the way he giggled like a two-year old when the girl brought the food to their table. (Yes, they were dining in at Taco Bell--that's weird right there.)

But, yeah, I like to think, too, he did nothing. He took the jail time to avoid the life sentence, and he's appealing the the whole thing now, so he doesn't have to be considered a sex offender.

I actually found a tape of the brother on MTV from 92-ish, protesting the movie "Shakes the Clown," saying it portrayed clowns in a negative light. Now I'll definitely YoutTube it.

And yes, terrible job by Edes. When did he become one of the "bad ones"?

I even did an old blog entry on it, hold on, I'm going to go find it...

...I'm back. I found it.
Haha, cool. I guess he's an UESer. He's got some blond highlights on the sides of his baldness now.

But about your playlist from that day: I saw "Exhausted" by the Foo Fighters, and I was taken back to one of my favorite in-concert moments. I saw the Foo on that first tour when they played NYC, at the Academy. 8/13/05. And toward the end of an action-packed set, they played that song, and that whole feedback part was just this long, well-deserved rest for the band and much-needed breather for the crowd, as we were out in full force to celebrate the return of Grohl, going nuts the whole time. And then it was this rest period of swaying as one, wiping sweat and getting hair out of eyes, and waiting...

And then after what seemed like an hour, the song kicked in again and we all went nuts. And I gained a whole new appreciation for that song that I didn't get from the album.
2005? You mean 1997? Was 2005 the first time they played NYC?

Either way- yeah- that song live is unreal. It's fun to play on the guitar.

I don't know why I stopped posting my playlists. That was fun.
Meant '95, not '05. That's the second time I've done that. A while back I said Hideki Matsui's debut was '93 instead of '03.
See, I meant '95 and not '97 in mine. So mine was worse. You're off the hook today, my friend.
Well, we both beat the guy who does the Foo Fighters concert chronology, who has my show listed as 8/14 instead of 8/13. I emailed him years ago, but he just didn't believe me, I guess. Why am I still thinking about this? Well, I am, and I now have a scanner, so I think I'll scan my ticket stub. WHat a productive day this will be in Jere -land as well as Foo-land.

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