Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bird's Proverbial Eye View

I took today off, as Chan's sister was in town. We all decided to go to Top of the Rock, which is the observation deck atop the GE Building at Rockefeller Center. I'd been there beore, but it was night, and it was sleeting. Today we actually got to see everything. Above, an NBC Peacock, going in for repairs or something. Click to enlarge at your own risk; these are video stills.

The endless Upper East Side.

The George Washington Bridge and the Palisades of New Jersey, with the West Side and the edge of Central park in the foreground.

Chan's sister, Chan, Empire State Building. I told them I wouldn't put their picture online, but, come on, you can't see their faces.

Lady L.

Down by the skating rink, where "the tree" is at Christmas, they've put a huge concave mirror, aiming up at a 45-degree angle. So you see the buildings in one side, and yourself and the sidewalk in the other. Not a bad idea. I guess. As ideas go. Here it is from high above.

Me having too much fun. And sweating, as it turns out.

The middle prong of the angular "E" of the "GE" sign, as seen from behind it.

The best part about this place is that you can look out the windows, with no bars in your way, or go outside, and look out at the city with only plexiglass in your way, or go up to the roof for the completely unfettered view.

Classic shot. From the roof.

Central Park. 2.5 miles long. Half a mile wide. i.e. effin' huge.

Heart balloon floats above the Upper East.

Same heart balloon later almost gets nailed by this American Airlines jet.

Dunbar Stadium.

Afterwards, we went to Chan's sister's hotel. I saw a Crispin Glover-looking dude in the lobby. Maybe it's David Newhan, I thought. I later checked, and yes, the O's are playing in The Bronx tonight, and we were in the hotel where baseball teams usually stay. So it probably was Newhan. I was gonna stick around for Millar, but didn't.

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That guy just won't give up. A pox on you, DYW! Whatever that means. The reason I am writing this is because I have a comment on your pic of Chan and sister of Chan. That reflection of light coming from her purse makes it a special picture. A perfect four pointed star. Good job!
Thanks for noticing that! The beauty of filming with a video camera is you can pause it right where you want it. That "star" grew and grew with each click of the advance-frame button before waning again, like a Chan's-sister quasar. I captured the zenith of it for you all to see.
I got your pox right here my man!!!!

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