Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sarah Vowell does a little guest spot on Colbert, a night after I'm there! Damn!

Yankees come within two outs of getting no-hit! Damn!

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Zero rings in the 21st Century for the $210mm payroll New York Chokees. The only team to blow a 3-0 lead in a playoff series.

And it just shows what a classless, sack of shit organization the New York Chokees are that they sell that shirt on their official website.
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And if that same shirt in reverse was sold on the Sox website, it'd sell out and we'd all have's a stupid shirt, sorta clever, and at the end of the day, true...let's all just take it down a notch...
Let's put it this way:

When the Sox humiliated the Yanks in the 2004 ALCS, they didn't come out with shirts on their official site taunting them, despite the historic nature of the Sox comeback and the Yanks' choke-job. But the following spring the Yanks came out with those really dopey 'Got Rings' shirts comparing the Yanks/Sox titles on the back, and now this one. So that kinda puts the lie to the idea that this is MLB's doing, and not the Yanks'. That, and all the taunting and trash talking that's come out of Steinbrenner's mouth (and lately, out of the mouth of his fat-pantload toadie Randy Levine) over the years.

Of course, back in the winter of '04 the Sox were busy exploiting every other merchandising angle out there.
By the way, this will be a pretty funny looking comment thread when Jere comes back and deletes all the DYW posts.
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C'mon, DWA, can't you even come up with a marginally intelligent response? The anti-Sox shirts are being sold on an MLB site; you can get to it with only one click from the official Yankee home page. And yes, MLB has a subsidiary which maintains the official team sites, but are you really going to try claim that the Yankees have no control over the merchandise MLB sells with their brand and trademarks? And are you really trying to claim that selling those Sox-bashing shirts are the equivalent of some random independent website totally unaffiliated w/ the Sox selling a ‘choke’ shirt (which doesn’t even mention the Sox in any way)?

And when Jere deletes all the DYW comments here, I’ll look like Major Nelson in one of those episodes where Jeannie disappears when Col. Bellows shows up, and suddenly he’s talking to himself…
I'm here AJM, and your most salient point is that the Sox exploited the hell out of all marketing opportunities after the Series, most of which I applauded, some of which I bought...the funny thing is, unless I'm wrong, I think most of the merchandising money is split per revenue sharing rules equally amongst all teams, so any Yankee fan that buys that shirt is actually giving a few bucks to the Sox. Idiots.
Yes, there is a merchandising pool split by all teams equally, which is probably why the Sox' revenue-maximizing front office gave permission to use the Sox brand on that shirt. My points, which refuted the dumb claims of the once-again invisible DYW, are that:
1)The Yanks almost certainly had control over the design of that shirt, and certainly approved it before it went into production.
2) Just my opinion, but that's a pretty classless thing to do
3) The Sox did not create or approve similar merchandice taunting the Yanks for their choke-job after the '04 postseason.
4) Just because some random guy with a website, not affiliated with the Sox or MLB, produced "Choke" shirts, it doesn't equate to this.
My favorite all-time shirt being sold outside Fenway after the game one night in 2004 (!) was one Dad refused to let me buy: TAKE YOU 26 RINGS AND CRAM THEM UP YOUR ASS.
Hey, I heard our Pres is sending the National Guard out to invade Jere's blog and cram some democracy up its...
Never mind. If Jere says no free speech, then no free speech. It's his blog and a blog is, as we all know, a dictatorship.
I often wonder what DYW's deleted posts are about, like whether the ones in this thread express that he has a huge crush on Sarah Vowell, or maybe he finds her assasination related obsession morbid and distasteful.
I'm pretty sure DYW has a huge crush on Jere...he's here an awful lot...remember: he's not stalking; he's following with great interest...

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