Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baseball Crap

Joe Morgan just voted for Jeter for MVP. I think that about ends his candidacy. Thank you, Joe! (I like how Morgan said Jeter is the best at on-field intangibles type stuff AND statistically--because, you know, the lower your numbers, the better...seriously, these media fuckwads don't realize that most people watching assume what you say is true. So many people, around the mythical water cooler tomorrow morning, will say "Jeta's got the numbaz, he's got everything. MVP. No question." And if someone came into the room and said, "I'm gonna give you two numbers, one is Derek Jeter's home run total and one is, let's say, David Ortiz': 13, 49. Tell me which is Derek's.) (Keep in mind these are the stats that won the MVP for A-Rod last year. We tried to argue things like AVG with RISP, and, you know, important stuff like that, but they said, Nope, AVG, HR, RBI. Sorry Papi.)

Oh god, Morgan just said that Pedroia almost got his first major league home run. Uh....Joe? Dustin has homered in his career. I'm pretty sure these stats are available at your fingertips. (He also claimed that Mussina "forced" him to almost hit a home run (?))

Meanwhile, about what Papi said, people should remember that English isn't his first language. The guy had a mic shoved in his face, and gave a standard "baseball answer." Hell, he even contradicted himself within three sentences on the original quote. He was just trying to explain something and if you look at it on paper, it looks awkward. Am I making an excuse? There's nothing to make an excuse for. It wasn't some calculated shot at Derek Jeter. I don't expect Yankee fans to cheer Ortiz. That would be stupid. But boo him because you know he, to use a term I refuse to use, owns your asses, not because of some media lie. Hearing them chant "Derek Je-ter" at Ortiz, to me, is like saying "We're re-tarded." Of course, the chants you hear on TV are mainly from the Bleacher Cretins, not from the good Yankee fans.

I did like how ESPN showed a kid with a Red Sox shirt in the Dunbar Domicile holding a "Big Papi MVP" sign.

We won game one today. I missed it because I had to work at a street fair on this beautiful day here in Manhattan. I love street fairs. So streety, so fairy. Did you ever eat a round piece of corn bread deep fried and stuffed with mozzarella cheese? For four bucks? It's the finest thing a person can do. Except for lots of other things.

Update: ESPN showed four MVP candidates on the screen with selected stats below. Jeter was listed first. Why? It wasn't alphabetical by team name, team city, first name, last name. This shit really pisses me off. Why don't they just put an asterisk next to Jeter's face? And at the bottom, it could say "*our choice".

So Red Sox fans think ESPN are anti-them and Yankee fans think ESPN are anti-them.

So funny...
Except only WE are correct!
Red Sox? Correct? Brain say no.
& The Bleacher Cretins need "Hooked On Phonics" to learn how to spell their favorite word:

It's called "Suck."

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