Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ani Likes To Sing Along, Hanley Likes To Shoot His Gun

But they don't know what it means and we say Ahhhhhh!Above: Anibal Sanchez pitching in the Hall of Fame Game, May, 2005. (I also have video of him pitching to Carlos Pena that day.) Tonight, Anibal pitched a no-hitter. Unfortunately, he wasn't the Red Sox pitcher. Ours was Snyder. And Corey. And DiNardo. And Hansen. And Breslow. And Burns. They combined on a 14-hitter. And 8-runner. (I shouldn't make fun of Breslow. He's the CT kid born on 8/8/80 who had a key strikeout the other day that I forgot to mention.)

Anyway, Hanley Ramirez made a nice play in the field, and he also threw Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb out at first to end the game.

In our game, it looked really, really good for the first half inning plus. Three quick outs by KySny, then our first two guys reach for Papi and Manny. And that was it. The next eight plus innings stunk. At least Randy's no-hit bid fell short. That would've capped off my evening like a pee-laced beverage of some sort.

Lowe, tonight: IP-8.0 H-3 ER-0 (W)
Sanchez, tonight: IP-9.0 H-0 ER-0 (W)
Arroyo, last night: IP-9.0 H-3 ER-0 (W)
Suppan, last night: IP-7.2 H-5 ER-0 (W)
Meredith, last night: IP-2.0 H-1 ER-0 (W) (all year: IP-34 H-19 ER-3)

Over the last two nights, these five former Red Sox are 5-0 with an 0.00 ERA, giving up 12 hits over 35.2 innings. Hell, even Sonny Kim only gave up 2 runs in 5 innings tonight.

I said god damn.

Full set of pics from a happier night below.

Annie's going to sing her song
Called 'Take me back again.'
Tom Paxton

Wouldn't that be nice right now.

Seems all our good young pitchers are pitching well somewhere else or are in the hospital.
"Over the last two nights, these five former Red Sox are 5-0 with an 0.00 ERA, giving up 12 hits over 35.2 innings."

And it was all in the National League. Show me one of these guys succeeding in the AL and I'll take it seriously.

The good thing about all of this is that while it doesn't seem like it now, we have a front office that can find an Arroyo, a Sanchez, and a Meredith. The Sox had what nearly universally was regarded as the best draft this year - though it won't pay dividends for a while.
You throw 35 innings against a line up of any nine living creatures, chances are they're going to score at least one run off of you. You could even add a full 2 runs to adjust for AL if you want, and that's still a 2.00 ERA. Besides, my only point there was that it's a little frustrating to see.
Suppan is the only guy on your ex-Sox list that I can live without. We saw him for the better part of a season and he did not display the caliber of pitcher to make it in the AL. But the others? hurts! Such is life in RSN. It's not always fun. But we both know that. Thanks Jere.
I'm not goin' around saying, "Damn it, we got rid of Suppan!" (Also, we had him for a lot more than a year back in the nineties as well.) Just pointing out how amazing the numbers of these guys are over the last two nights, and how, when compared to the six guys we used in last night's game alone, it makes you puke.
Suppan was Supine, all that time.
Definitely frustrating, and the NL/AL argument doesn't really wash with me in broad strokes. Meredith is probably riding an NL/ Petco streak that will not sustain, Lowe's not been really much to write home about when you take his league and park into effect, and both Arroyo and Suppan are pitchers that'd get eaten alive in the AL. Sanchez, however, I think would have a bright future no matter where he pitched. I don't know that anyone failed to acknowledge that gving him up was a lot, whether they liked the Beckett trade or no. I will say- he'll have a lot more rope to work with in development than he would have had in BOS. No one will notice when/ if he falters, but they will here (see Craig Hansen).

I think Jere's just pointing out how bad it all looks- and it does. It is the suckola.

Plus, Arroyo had a CG shut out the other night too, didn't he? It's just been a rough season all around, and I'm comfortable chalking it all up to a big loss and obscenely bad luck. Get 'em next year type thing.

Oops- you mentioned Arroyo.
The Red Sox are the Wizard of Oz ball club: The GM needs a brain, the players need courage and the fans need heart. Nice to see all those empty seats in the late innings last night. The bandwagon has officially emptied. One thing I will give the Yankees and New York: it’s always baseball season in their world. They live it 24/7/365. Here in Boston people bail at the first sign of trouble. It’s football season. Great, go ahead. More tickets for baseball fans: all 10 of us here in Boston.
The season is essentially over. Given the costs associated with being at the park, it's hard to blame them.

Next time the Yankees are out of it (if it ever happens), see how loyal they are. You're talking about a group of people that booed Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera at one point. It's really only natural.

Also, why do you think the GM needs a brain and the players courage? Huh?
Because the writer doesn't have a heart? Oh, never mind. I am having a glorious afternoon, weatherwise and just, well, everything wise. Take care BS, and Jere. a couple (maybe three or four?) weeks, we'll have LOST to kick around. And BS, if you want to post a LOST recap, always done wonderfully by you in years past, you can do it on my blog. That would be so great, unless you want to open up BSM for that purpose. But your final post was such a classic. And always will be. Let me know. I'd be honored. Take care everyone...enjoy life!
It would make late September a special time, again. When we least expect it to be.
Sox9: That's the biggest load of horseshit I've heard in a while.

"One thing I will give the Yankees and New York: it’s always baseball season in their world."

What in the name of fuck are you talking about? These people don't pay attention until October. And even then, they'll go home early during playoff games. And Bostonians don't have another team in town they can conveniently switch over to if theirs isn't doing well. Always baseball season? There are so many teams here in all the different sports, that's impossible. It would be much more accurate to say that Boston is the town where it's "always baseball season."

Sox9? That name sounds almost as fake as the guy who called himself "2004Dream," claiming he was a Sox fan but had such venom when talking about me.

Fenway emptied out last night because it was 8-1.

For you to spew such bullcrap, you're getting the first official ban from ARSFIPT. Banned! You, and your children, and your children's children! For three months!
If anything, when the Yankees postseason run ends, expect a 45 to 50% attendance drop, as, suddenly, "The Toilet" will be a dead dump to the "Arrivistas":

Besides, whenever the Yankees are behind, the "Arrivistas" make a break for North Jersey, CT & Upstate, somewhere in the 6th Inning. I remember 1 Mets-Skanks Game in '02, when so many were leaving in the bottom of the 4th Inning;

I guess that in those days, they didn't have A-Fraud to abuse.
By the way, our banned friend here (Sox9) just went to joyofsox and posted the identical comment there. That proved my theory, as on my statcounter I can see that the person who came to my blog from joy of sox right at the time the comments were made is located in NEW YORK CITY, not "here in Boston" as he claimed. I think this needs to go up on the main part of the site, instead of just the comments. Watch for that later.
I started reading these blogs recently and I have enjoyed the banter. I have been a Red Sox Fan all my life (season tickets Infield GS 16 for the last 11 years). I tried to post something today and I didn’t think I did it correctly. I tried on another blog and I think I was successful. Obviously, I made a mistake. Sorry. I consider myself new to computers and only recently had to set up an email account for a contract job I have in Northern New Jersey. The response to my thoughts is frightening as a Bostonian and a Sox fan. When the people I work with now say I’m from Red Neck Nation I don’t like it, but it’s hard to argue. Baseball is a fun game. Check your violent nature and the profanity at the door. Hopefully on your way out…
Didn't I say you were banned? Watch out or I'll kill you with my violent nature!!! Oh, I mean my fucking violent nature!

I am a peaceful person who's never hurt a fly, and rarely use a curse word out loud. But when you start telling lies about stuff I care deeply about, I'm not gonna take it lightly.
Not for nothing, but Jere, aren't you from New York now?

Also, you're really banning him for opposing Theo and our FO? Honestly? The people who bolstered our pitching staff after a championship with Clement, a 42 year old Wells, Halama and Mantei?
Yes I'm living in NY, that's why what this guy is saying is so mind-boggling. Well, one of the many reasons. I mean, he said my behavior made him frightened "as a Bostonian," as if I was one. (By the way, I've never heard the term "Red Neck Nation.")

Calling it a ban was my way of saying "TJ." The guy commented again and I didn't delete it. Also, the three-month joke ban IS warratned, not becuase of bad-mouthing certain people, but because of saying things like Red Sox fans have no heart and NY is where people care about baseball year-round and not Boston, all while claiming to be a Red Sox season ticket holder, and lying about his location, and... well, that person really pissed me off, and just made no sense. Using the excuse of "I'm new to copmputers" doesn't mean your words should be totally out of place, let alone the opposite of true. Terrible job by that guy. Terrible. Banned!
The banned guy's comments in no way are condoned, respected or representative of MattySox(9)...just wanted to make sure everyone knew that...and did anyone else notice is was Sox9, then Sox99? Weird...

Loved your Anibal Sanchez post, Jere; similar sentiment, if more stat-loaded, to my last post...

Can't wait for his next post:
"This one time, at banned camp..."
I don't want to risk bannedy camp Jere. Just thought I'd contribute a thought I thought I contributed last night, only I didn't combinate the letters correctly and didn't have the energy to contribute again, provided one sees them as contributions at all. Theo made some elegant moves in '04 - the moniker "young genius" fitting perfectly. However the deal for Beckett gave up a lot of talent for 30 starts. He's not the horse Schilling is. Theo "might" feel pressured to put names in red socks, but look at what Florida has done with $15 million. Dollar for dollar, the best team - by far - in baseball. Youngsters getting it done.
Nice use of "combinate."

Beckett really could be a superstar. He just needs to learn a few more things. I think a lot of teams would rather have him then Sanchez. We'll see. I have no idea what Theo is up to, but he's apparently got a plan, and with all this dough, he should make it work.

It's always good when the little proverbial guy succeeds. Fla has done a good job.

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