Thursday, August 24, 2006

You CAN Fire Me

"Remember: things certainly look bleak now, but we really have no idea how the season will end. We may think we do, but we don't. (And you may think they'll fold, and they might, but that doesn't mean you knew. It simply means your expectation matched one of the myriad outcomes.)"

This is what I'm talkin' about. This isn't from some crazy person like myself. This was written by Joy of Sox a few days ago. (In his own comments section, not in a post.)

And shortly after I wrote a "you never know"-type comment over at WCSG, I read, on Joy of Sox, something that Mirabelli said, which was very similar to my comment. I'm glad Doug and I are on the same wavelength.

My point is that all of a sudden, these guys we throw out there, who we know have talent, could start playing the way they should be playing. If that happens, I want to watch it happen. If it doesn't, well, it was my choice to give up a small percentage of my life to the Boston Red Sox. Oh well. Nobody (except my parents and their parents and their parents, originally) forced me to do that. It's fun. Head-into-wall-slamming, heart-attacking, palm-sweating, Steinbrenner voodoo doll-strangling fun? Yes. But fun nonetheless.

Besides, how would you rather see the Red Sox win? Having all the best players and winning every single game? Or picking themselves off their asses, turning the freak switch to eleven and getting it on, like that lady in the Mohegan Sun commercials? Okay, bad example. I just mean to give up now is to say that you don't think the possibility exists that people can overcome adversity. Or that the unthinkable can happen--so soon after we all witnessed the ultimate example of that.

When Ted Striker was forced to land the plane, did you say, "This movie's over, he's never gonna land it. He just can't fly a four-engine plane. Simple as that."? No! You gave it a shot. Striker landed that goddamn plane. I didn't give up on Ted and I'm not giving up on this bunch. What about clubhouse pep-talks, lightning striking the ball in mid-flight, baseball goddesses parting the clouds and making miracles, bloody socks?? The Tiger Town kid squeezing his hands together! "Let them play!" "There's only one thing left to do, win the whole fuckin' thing!" "Build it, they will come!" "You're eating maggots, Michael!" Oh, wait.

Red Sox-Angels, tonight at 10! Keep those eyes open, Clockwork Orange-style!

THIS is what I like to read. :-)

Thanks, Jere!
You're the man, Jere! You're the only blogger I know who can get references to "Airplane," "Major League," and "A Clockwork Orange," in the same post!

I hope you don't mind but I used your quote from a few days ago about "The Yankees have just won THEIR World Series" in my latest column at It was too good not to use, and I gave you the proper credit....
Yes, yes...the Yankees just won their world series. They care about nothing else except that they swept the Sawx. They are a shallow bunch with little drive after that series. Those types of things are not meant to happen, teams don't usually win 5 games but the Yankees did and I can live with that but to think that was their world series is just you looking at the world through red sox colored glasses.

Jere, good job keeping hope alive. There's a lot to live for and a lot of reasons to keep watching. In another 5 weeks it'll be playoff time and after that our nights become incomplete w/o a baseball game to look forward to. Win or's always fun to follow a team through the roller coaster of a 162 game season.
Ted Striker had an inflatable sex doll, which we don't have...unless you count Mirabelli. And I wish I hadn't just said that. "Dougie's goin' deep tonight!"
Beazer: Thought you'd like that.

Quinn: Thanks a lot! There was also a prequel to that story, that I wrote on August 7th:

And there are THREE more movie references in this post!

Matty: Good call that we don't have an autopilot (remember, they weren't sex dolls, they just enjoyed various forms of air-sex with humans and among themselves). I think Wells looks more like those dolls, though.
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
Let's do it!
It's a sign! Airplane is on TV right now! Okay, Airplane II, but still...

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