Wednesday, August 30, 2006

While You Chew

Tonight's video presentation is made up of three old commercials. The second one is the classic Freedent song. The other two will be a surprise. Click below (and crank the volume):

This is from Boston's channel 7, taped in 1988 (despite the '87 copyright date on the Freedent ad). "Wait a minute, didn't you grow up in southwest Connecticut, Jere?" Why, yes. Glad you're paying attention. But my mom was on the Boston news back in '88, and someone (my cousins?) taped it for us. So I have several hours of this channel on tape. Soon, I'll show you the clip of the sports from this same newscast. It's got some interesting stuff, and features someone still prominent in the Boston media today. Anyway, I hope you Boston people get a kick out of these local ads from yesteryear. I'd never heard of either store. Just Freedent.

It's funny, I was going to post this a few days ago, and then I found out that a song written by someone I know about Terry Francona's gum-chewing featured not only a Freedent mention, but the songwriter also threw in the classic Freedent tune at the end! So now I have to post this, since it features that same tune. Freedent's the one, yo. I love that part of the song where it goes up to that minor chord: "Yeah, moistens your mouth..." And the background oozin' aahs, as Bad Religion would say. Classic 80s. And that horse! Why does it go fucking crazy like that?? I think right after they cut away it must've busted right through the fence, or worse, ran amok among the actors, crew, and equipment. And in the first commercial, how'd you like that scream? I'll give her this: It actually did scare me. And the lady at the end of the last commercial--she's so Long Island. But I've recently noticed a certain Long Island-ness to select Bostonians. From which region, I couldn't tell you.

Also: I'm obviously proud of the fact that, like Disco Stu, I don't advertise. I do this blog for fun. These commercials are for kitsch value only. I'm not paid by Freedent. Watch this: Freedent molests children. Could I do that if I were paid by them? I'm just saying, in case anybody was gonna try to call me out on that. I'm opposed to the concept of marketing and being influenced by someone because of money, but I'm not opposed to showing classic footage, no matter what form it's in.

In today's baseball action, we once again only lost a half-game in the standings. Woohoo! Seriously, have you ever been more convinced the Sox will lose going into games? Even the freakin' '92 team had at least a chance to win by pure luck every now and again. We are in bad shape. Was great how the Tiyg's came back to win game two tonight, in dramatic fashion. Down to their last out, they get a 3-run dong to win 5-3. Nice.

According to CBS4, Julian Tavarez will start tonight's game.
April Fool's!

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