Monday, August 07, 2006

What A Wonderful World

Get the ticker tape ready. Prep the canyon of heroes. Start fitting the Andy Phillips World Series ring. The New York Yankees have already won the 2006 World Series...

At least that's what everyone who roots for or is involved with the Yanks would have you believe.

And I love it. I love it that their passing of the Red Sox in the standings in early August is such a huge accomplishment for them. I love it that they're so desperate that just being in mere position to make the playoffs makes them gloat like they've actually accomplished anything.

I remember, in 2000, talking to my Yankee fan friend Gold about the 1999 ALCS. He was saying how Game 3, in which Pedro beat Clemens soundly, was "our" World Series. Since we could never win a real World Series, just getting to beat up on Clemens that one time satisfied us. And he was right to a certain extent, I must admit. Not like I said after that game that I didn't care what happened. But looking back on it a year later, and even now, it was pretty sweet.

But now the tables have turned. At least "our World Series" back then took place in the post-season. The Yanks are basically claiming titles for every little thing that goes right for them.

Hell, earlier this year they had it all set up so that they'd get some kind of moral consolation prize for just staying close despite injuries, as if they didn't have the capability to just buy new players and plug them right in. And when they didn't do that at first, they glorified themselves even more: "Oh, we don't need superstars, Bubba Crosby and Melky Cabrera are taking us to the promised land."

They went with those guys until they realized there was real danger, then they promptly stuck a gun in the Phillies' backs.

But do they now say "All right, we admit, we did indeed need superstars to have a chance. We won't brag as much if we do win with the hired guns."? I don't think I need to answer that.

But I love this world. They just keep making fools of themselves, copying the Red Sox (from taking the guy that helped clinch our amazing win over them, to helmet-flipping, to Cory Lidle's recent double-point on the back page of the newspaper) but never achiveving the real goal of winning a World Series. The only thing they've got left is outdoing us. Oh, wait, but they don't care about us, with our mere six championships. There's no rivalry at all. Yeah, right.

To sum this all up, Yankee announcer Ken Singleton said, after the Yanks had taken a one-game lead a few days ago, that the Yanks "don't have to worry about the WIld Card anymore." That's right, Ken, the Yanks have passed the Red Sox in early August. The curse is surely back.

[This and other stories of how there's no point in arguing with a Yankees fan, ever, because in their minds they are truly the best people in the world and their team is the only champion for all-time no matter what any pesky record books might say can be found here at this blog all the time.]

On Tuesday Night in the 1st Game of the Toronto Series @ "The Toilet", a bunch of Idiotic, Mel Gibson Style Yankees Fans, were howling obscenities @ 4 Orthodox Jewish Men, for not removing their Yarmulkas, during the playing of "God Bless America":

I wonder when they'll have "Skinhead Night", sponsored by Schick?
I'm Catholic:

I might just wear a Yarmulke to "The Toilet";

Let this Vermin try something & it'll be all over the papers in Boston & NY.
That would be an interesting social experiment, actually. Much easier than the whole "putting on extensive makeup to look black" idea. You could just slap one on, and suddenly you'd be Jewish to everyone, and you could get an idea of all the shit they surely take.
When is the parade? Because I thing the Yankee annoucer/fans think it's going to be in NYC.
The Parade will be held in Northern NJ:

That's where the majority of "Toilet" patrons live;

Another will be held in Fairfield, Cty, CT, as NESN is blacked out, there.
I don't know where you get that from. The Yanks have 21 games in the next 20 games. The Yanks are playing the Tigers, Angels and Red Sox during that stretch and that’s hardly a walk in the park. Is Ken Singleton a better announcer than Jerry Remy? Probably not. I like Remy and he does a great job. Is Ken as bad as Hawk Harrelson? Oh hell no. Is he trying to appeal to the masses and his audience? It obviously got a reaction out of you so his job is done. Most intelligent Yankee fans know it’s hardly over. I watch all the Yankee games and I never heard Ken say that, but I could have been distracted reading your usual diatribe.

I guess you just like to think like a Yankee fan because you've developed this complex throughout the years. Just because the Red Sox won in 2004 doesn't mean it erases the entire history and penchant for losing your franchise has had. Those are the facts. You can point to 2004 all you want, but it doesn’t erase your history. Yankee fans have long been OK with 2004, you still keep pointing to it as your moment of glory. Yankee fans are looking to the future and hoping the Yankees bring home their 27th world championship. Again, you can point to the payroll all you want…..but the fact remains that the Yankees, when dealing in percentages, are putting in the same or more than all the other franchises in the majors – when dealing with percentages of generated revenue and money they put back into the ball club. Do they have more capital? Yes. Do they generate more money? Yes. Which is why it makes sense they spend the most? He has the most, spends the most. He who is a whiny little bitch, stays a whiny little bitch.

Also, I like how you quick you are to point out that the Yankees are “copying” the Red Sox. So when John Henry bought out the Red Sox, is there reason he made sure he also owned 60% of NESN as well? Yes, there is a reason, it’s because he felt the need to copy the Yankees philosophy and the amount of leverage they had by having their network. See you like to talk about the Yankees buying championships, but tell me this…didn’t the Sox get Damon as a free agent? How about Manny? How about Schilling? Schilling was a trade but he also got an extension out of the trade so that’s like a free agent signing since no other team other than the Yanks, Sawx, Mets, Angels, Cubs and White Sox could have afforded him anyway. How about Manny? Do you think Cleveland was unhappy to see him go and land on the Sawx? How about Foulke? I guess you don’t see it that way. They are all home grown talent. Say this about the Yanks, their foundation is still set in stone with Jeter, Posada and Mariano. Now you have Cano, Melky and Bernie Williams (still) chipping in to Yankee victories. Yes, the Yanks buy players but they are only doing what got the Red Sox their championship.
2004--Isn't that the year that the New York Yankees, the most storied franchise in the history of sport had a 3-0 lead in the ALCS and unbelievably managed to lose the next four games, a feat no team had ever done before? That's what I thought. You're going to have to hear about that one forever and ever. You can never get me to feel bad about it.

Singleton said it. I'd say it was Friday night at Baltimore. But he definitely said it. I wasn't talking about anyone's announcing skills or upcoming schedules, just the fact that he said that, and it is a common idea among Yankee people, including Kay, who officially claimed the Red Sox dead.

Never said those guys were home grown. But there is a huge difference in what the Yanks have the capability of doing and what every other team can do.
Yankee fans have long been OK with 2004

Actually, I don't think that is true at all. I suppose if the Yankees had lost to the Red Sox in an honorable way, perhaps a tit-for-tat sort of series, there could be a shred of truth to this. But, seriously, let's not beat around the bush. The Red Sox made history by handing the Yankees their asses in the most crushing, heartbreaking fashion. If I were on the opposite side of the rivalry, I wouldn't be okay with this. Not even now.

I hear what you are saying, to a certain extent. And it is refreshing to hear from a seemingly smart Yankee fan (since the majority of them who comment on Jere's blog appear to be void of all tact), but please don't try to minimize the 2004 World Series victory. The Red Sox destroyed the Yankees, then swept the Cards. Not something you just forget about or brush off.
I also don't buy the "Yankee fans are over 2004," mostly because I'm not over 2003. I probably never will be. I'd say it would throw up some serious red flags claiming that still doesn't hurt. It has to.

Again, you can point to the payroll all you want…..

One more quibble- I certainly don't find it fruitful to center on this point, and the Yankees shouldn't feel "bad" about playing by the rules and spending money that they in fact have. However- there are small market teams, there are mid-market teams, there are large market teams, and then there's the Yankees.

The difference being, 29 teams have, in severe variations, some semblance of a budget they have to adhere to. New York does not. That simple difference is an astonishing amount of difference, and while they do reintroduce some of their revenue to the league, this is almost certainly offset by the advantages of being able to absorb literally every big money mistake imagineable by throwing more money at the resulting prolem.

Again, I don't think you can fault NYY for this, but it is what it is.

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