Thursday, August 31, 2006

Warning Track Power

I've seen outfielders have the ball bounce off of them and into the stands for a homer. But this is ridiculous. And hilarious. From tonight's Sox game. Click above.

And we get the win. Great defense.

Chan emailed me earlier, from Central Park. It's wi-fi now. So he was sitting there, in the park, watching a movie, and he emailed me. Weird. Speaking of Chan, he's pretty much done with the Yanks and baseball at this point in his life, but every once in a while, he'll surprise me. He had the day off, and he went to the day game today at Yankee Stadium. I don't get that boy. He says he goes once a year. He told me of the huge crowd, and I reminded him of all the crazily discounted tickets they sell.

Wells is gone. The only time I ever felt anything good about him was recently, when he came back from his injuries and pitched well at a time when we were stinking. Good job by him there. But, oh well, end of that era.

Papi is out of the hospital. I'm sure he and Lester will be just fine. I'm thinking, if Papi is okay, he ends up coming off the bench, Willis Reed-style, giving us the division win with his 51st homer in the final game of the season.

Classic blooper by Rios. But, in my opinion, still not as good as Jason Michaels' effort in 2004, when he managed to juggle the ball over a 10-foot wall :-)
Final word on the crow (and it's not like there was a black CAT on the field!).
In that wacky place, London, crows are ravens and as everyone there can tell you so long as the ravens remain at the Tower, Britain is safe from invasion.
Therefore: Wild Card, 6 1/2 games back. Not bad for a team with travails aptly described as The Perfect Storm.
I'm thinkin' 53 or so...And mayhem at Fenway when he does it. There are smiles left in this 2006. I know it!
I was at the game last night (Aug. 31) in the third row of seats on the foul side of Pesky's Pole. I just thought I would let everyone know the real story of what happened when Cora hit that ball. There was this drunk guy sitting next to me (only about 20 or 30 feet away from Rios, so he definately heard him) heckling Rios the entire game. I mean, nonstop. After a few innings it became clear that Rios was getting agitated. He kept glancing over and his concentration was clearly not at 100%. By the 7th you could tell the guy was really getting to him. He couldn't concentrate on the game at all. Then Alex Cora hit a ball to him, and we all saw the result.
So the drunk guy standing next to me won the game for us. Without his obscene slurred bellowing Rios probably would have caught that ball and it would have been a tie game into the bottom of the 9th.
I think that break we were given could end up being a turning point in the season.
I never thought I'd say this: "Hooray Beer!"

Thanks for the true story, Julie. I just hope he wasn't saying racial things.
I could be wrong but I'm not sure Willis Reed ever hit a home run...I think he played basketball...

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