Friday, August 18, 2006

Wang Vs. Nonson Arroyno (In Progress)

Got to see the first three innings on TV on lunch. Frustarting, then sigh of relief with Johnson. Then equally frustrating with man in ScoPo the first three innings but no scoring. Then saw Hinske double in bar on way back to work. Frustrating again to see just the one run.

As I wrote that last sentence, saw Damon homer on the Gameday, after Johnson gave up walk to number nine. Oh, we've got plenty of pitching, we can just trade away Bronson. We've got literally the losingest pitcher in all of baseball, who admits to being "jittery" before a yankee series. Bronson's been here before--Wait, why am I even arguing something so obvious? Seanez, Tavarez, Johnson, Snyder. You're telling me any of these guys is anywhere near the pitcher Bronson is?

Looks like next two guys singled. Bronson would've saved this season for us.

Speaking of Snyder, they just put him in. Red Sox-Yanks, ame 1 of a five-gamer, in August, 1st place on the line, and we don't have anything near a quality starting pitcher.

Plenty of time, though. We're ready to break through against sweaty wang.

I do recall that HGHiamBALCO was the one who talked Damon-ey into going to DFYankees:

Has anyone noticed a larger Damon-ey? Am I alone in this observation?

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