Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Up Next: The Furious Five

Now that's a better feeling. Okay, we're either 2 or 3 back in the loss column headed into five with the dog-kickers at home. This may seem like some kind of excuse or justification, but it's almost better to go into a series like this slightly behind than slightly ahead. The old nothin'-to-lose theory. They're the ones who will feel the serious pressure if we take game one, and then more and more until they get a win. Let's proverbially do this, Red Sox.

Did I tell you how much I hate Wild Thing being Pap's entry music? Just doesn't fit. No buildup. The crowd noise staaaarts to ascend as they see Pap appear--and then boom! Song has already kicked in, ruining evrything. Then as the cheers die down, because no one can be heard over the song anyway, the quieter part of the song comes on, creating an even more awkward moment. Get rid of that song, Jon.

The Yanks almost got away with another one tonight. With one out and a man on first in the bottom of the ninth, and Dunbar down one, Melky Cabrera grounds to the pitcher. Throw to Tejada for one, and, Tejada, seemingly on purpose, throws the ball softly and on a hop to first, after botching the footwork on the turn. He is truely the league's worst star. Anyway, the throw beats Cabrera after all. Kaat (Kay's on one of his many, many vacations) shouts "In t--," starting to say the throw was in time, which it was, but the ump, in classic "wanting the Yanks to win and making calls in their favor to get cheers"-style, called it safe. Terrible job. Then I had to sweat through Damon as the winning run, but fortunately he grounded to someone other than Tejada to end the game.

It would be sweet to read about an O's win in tomorrow morning's paper! And by tomorrow, I mean Friday, the eve of the five.
Cabrera was out by almost a full step. That the stupid O's manager wasn't immediately out on the field in the ump's face doing an imitation of a centipede who just had his rock lifted off of him, was a travesty. But then, they're not in a pennant race so why bother. Sheesh!
Mary Ann, I know that frustrated feeling. And I did read in the Courant that you had an appearance in Berlin, CT. Hope it went well. And we all will know so much more about our club come 11pm Monday. But I feel good things. Take care. Thanks Jere. And the words stupid and Orioles somehow seem so right together. At least we can beat them. So far. This year. But Tampa Bay?That's another story. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.
As I said that one week early!
Two, Peter. Two.

Don't people usually get anxious for the START of summer?

Or are you planning something for Labor Day that I might want to tell law enforcement officials about?
If they played X's version of "Wild Thing" I could stand it better. The Troggs just doesn't do it.

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