Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yeah, dude!

Loretta does it again! Here's what I mean by "again":

Saturday: Loretta purposely strikes out, staying out of a double play, allowing Papi to come up and win the game.

Monday: Loretta poops out, to again get Papi up to the plate to finish off the comeback win.

Wednesday: Loretta does it himself, knocking in the tying and winning runs with a ball off the wall, knowing that Ortiz was suffering from GolSom Prison Blues (having struck out four times, aka wearing the Golden Sombrero).

And you wanted to trade him...

The magic moments keep on comin' for this '06 Red Sox team.

Now enjoy this footage of the Red Sox' Reggie Jefferson homering off the Yankees' Mark Hutton on July 15th, 1996 at Fenway. I taped this off of Channel 11 out of New York. This was Scooter's last year, but he's not announcing in this game. It's Bobby Murcer, and I want to say Rick Cerone. It's amazing to me how Fenway in 1996 looks like the sixties or something, with everything that's changed since then. Oh, and you can hear our female PA person in the background. Click the box below.

Fenway ia Naked

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