Friday, August 04, 2006


I heard last week that W refused to advocate a cease-fire in the Israel-Lebanon-Hezbollah thing. Now, after much more killing of innocent civilians and little kids, Condy has said yes to one. Doesn't this feel like that scene in Jaws, when the chief allowed the beaches to stay open, and then another kid got eaten, and the mom slapped the chief in the face?

I think all the families of the people killed since Bush's refusal to call for a cease-fire should get an all-expenses paid vacation to Washington, highlighted by their own face-slap of Georgie.

In "most unrelated thing to that I can think of" news: Don't you think the next step in "tornado chasing" will be going inside the tornado? Like, drive around where there's gonna be a tornado, and have someone in the van with a big padded suit and mega-helmet (definitely equippped with camera). Drive as close as you can to the 'nado, and have the Sumo-person hop out, and trot toward it. Their goal should be to get close enough to be picked up by the twister. I think that would be cool. How about it, tornado-chasers? Are you chicken?

In Adam Stern news, this Javy Lopez (hey, doesn't he pitch for us already?) potential deal could mean the end of Stern. This would be a sad day in ARSFIPT history. I'll always root for that guy. BSM has informed me that he's not in the lineup for today's Pawtucket game. But I'm holding out hope...

Per EEI/ SoSH-

Stern not in lineup for first game of DH, but looks like he's scheduled to start the second one. Could be smoke to get him through waivers, but looks like he isn't going anywhere.

I'm still guessing Abe, and I think that's the best option.
Wow, a stretch, Jere, to bring the Israeli- Hezballah conflict into a context of sports. I hate what's going on there. As do you, I'm sure.
And yes, yes YES...I'd love to face slap W. I would get arrested, though. Do you have the bail money? You know what....maybe no one does.
Okay, so it looks like Stern stays. Nice. Thanks. But Abe! Nooo! I like him, too.

Peter, I didn't put it into the context of sports. I compared it to a scene from a movie. And I think it was rather apropos.

And you say "as do you, I'm sure." Well, yeah, I think I pretty clearly impled that I hate it, hence me being mad at George for not calling for a cease-fire, causing even MORE people to die.
I totally agree. And it wasn't a stretch at all. It was good writing. My bad.

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