Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tonight Show

We lost, in "new classics" fashion: Game we easily could have won that frustrates the fuck out of you and keeps you up really late. And as Youk's ball was caught with the tying run on second in deep right to end our game, I flipped to the Yanks to see Jeter get on as the go-ahead run with his usual cheapie to right. He's like a kid who found a glitch in a video game. I imagine him as a kid playing Nintendo Baseball and discovering that if you run back and forth between the bases, you'll eventually move out of the base line, and will be able to circle the bases without the computer team tagging you. At that point you can score endlessly, and beat the computer 100-0 if you want. All right, so I used to do it, too. But I don't go around doing that shit in real life.

But it didn't work! Fortunately, A-Rod came up with two on and two out, so naturally he struck out to end the ninth. Then the M's got a walkoff homer. The intellectually challenged Bobby Murcer somehow couldn't detect that the ball was very clearly over the wall. As Beltre trotted in with the winning run, he said "and it's gonna be called a home run..." Yeah, because it was a home run. Face it, they lost. He then assumed it must have hit off Abreu's glove. Nope. Just over the wall for a home run.

The other contenders lost, so if you're thinking Wild Card, we're still 4 back, and still 6.5 back of Moneybags McGee.

I was thinking, maybe if we start using mulch and fertilizer and twigs and start building relief pitchers. The earth-people would surely do better than what we've got.

Pedroia played tonight. Got a hit. Good to finally meet you, little one. Another guy we've heard about since he was just a glint in Pawtucket's eyes.

Hey, I have a suggestion. If a guy goes to intentionally walk you, why not swing and miss at the first pitch. See what the opposing manager does then. Still holding up four? Swing at the second pitch. That's like cutting off the opposing manager's pinky finger at the knuckle. After that, he'll tell you if he wears ladies' underwear. We can see what kind of guts Torre has, facing Manny with two free strikes against him.

I hate how we had Coco steal in the ninth, effectively taking the bat out of Ortiz' hands. Again. TJ. I know you can argue for it in that situation, but I say do what you can to not open up first base with David coming up.

Finally, I'm definitely not down with this whole "the Yanks dominated us, and are the best team in baseball" thing. We stunk enough for them to win all five games this weekend. That doesn't make them some great team in my eyes. They started Johnny Carson tonight. Something like that. And the rest of their pitching, well, it's not winning them the World Series. I'd definitely put money on that. (I watch the Yanks almost every game. I'm not just assuming stuff.) Then again, there are a lot of crappy teams in this league, that the Yanks can easily beat. But we should beat those teams, too. It doesn't look like it now, that we could beat the RHS 1992 JV baseball team. I honestly believe Ted White could take Hansen deep. But it is baseball, there are crappy teams that are out of the race that even a bed-shitting Sox team should beat, so I'm not giving up yet. Then again, I never do. Whatever. I'm obviously never giving up on this team if I'm sitting here writing about them at 2 AM, a day after they lost five effing games in a row, at home, to Donald F. Dunbar, III.

My girlfriend was asking me if I think the Sox appreciate us who stay to the end of games like the one Sunday night (which I did stay til the end of). Well, I don't think they can help but notice that tonight, after what happened on the weekend, going to California, and hearing loud "Let's Go Red Sox" chants all game long. So, they appreciate it. I think... their next step is, you know, ending the losing. The repeated losing.

Pain is a test of Loyalty:

Patience is a virtue, from the Latin verb meaning to suffer;

& I still wear my Red Sox Cap, even with all the Ghetto Bangers on the Subway, wearing the Ghetto Headgear of The Dunbar Team;

I wonder if they could spell the word 'Suck'or its' variations, without the use of "Hooked On Phonics"?
Hey Micahel, how is this for usage: why don't you suck my dick? I didn't even need hooked on phonics. That is such a stupid and idiotic comment for you to make. "Ghetto Bangers", I'll give you my address and you call me that shit to my face you piece of shit. I'm on the A or 1 train, do you take those trains? Instead of being a computer tough guy then you should approach these people you are referring to and say it to their face. That's like being at Fenway and seeing all the Irish drunk kids with their Boston hats and thinking, look at all these micks (

See Jere, this is kind of stuff you inspire....hate inspires hate. You don't even see are so blind.

I guess writing about the guy you feel a need to rationalize his 'lack of hustle' behavior never inspires you to critique him in your blog.

This from everyone's favorite curly haired boyfriend:
Minutes later, Francona bobbed and weaved like Sugar Ray Leonard when asked about the conspiracy theory. The manager said it was a nonstory and went to great lengths to rip the scorer's decision, but never flatly denied the contention that Ramírez had to be talked into playing Saturday because he was agitated.

Tito said the Sox planned to formally protest to the league office to have the Jeter error changed into a hit for Manny.

``In my opinion, it was a horrendous call, and I think the [expletive] scorer ought to be embarrassed," said Francona. ``It's an [expletive] major league game."

Reached at home in Greater Boston last night, official scorer Joe Giuliotti, a former longtime Herald scribe, said, ``[Francona] ought to be embarrassed after what happened over the weekend. I would think he's got more to worry about than that.
``I call them as I see them. I'm standing by it. I can't believe there's such a flap over that one. How many times does Jeter make that play?"

Informed that it was reported that Ramírez threatened to sit out because of the call, Giuliotti said, ``You've got to be kidding me. I cost the Red Sox the World Series? I didn't think it was that difficult of a play."

Youkilis said, ``That was the worst. We have no home-field advantage."
BTW, I was in no way advocating calling anyone a 'mick'. I was just trying to point out how stupid it is to stereotype. Apparently Michael feels the need to throw his weight around by stereotyping others. I guess his white skin automatically gives him privilege. If you were to see me in my "Ghetto Bangers" you'd probably say and think the same thing, little do you know that your perception isn't always reality. Grow up!!!
Anyhoo, ignoring the idiot troll in this thread, I'll just say that I agree with you Jere that as downright awful as the Sox' pitching is right now, the Yankees' pitching isn't that good right now either, and I think it'll be their downfall in October. The Tigers look really, really good right'd be a great story if they won this year after 20 years of mediocrity.
Detroit won it in 1984, so it is 22 Years:

& what's this crap about the A Train, Daaaa?

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