Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tirade Clause

A dude who you all know (hint: he, like, wrote some book or something) who doesn't need any more attention, has "come up" with a theory. Ooooh. I bet you can't wait. He, a mere month after the fact, has decided to tell us about how that black bird on the Fenway field was bad luck. Regardless of your stance on omens, the point is, weren't people takling about that bird being a sign of something--good luck or bad--when it happened? Answer: yes.

By simple googling, I found this, from the day after the incident, August 2nd. [NOTE: LINK ACTUALLY WORKS NOW.]

Then there was this article in the Phoenix from a week ago.

I don't expect the guy in question to have read these articles. But it just seems like he had to have known that he wasn't the first to come up with this theory 30 days later. Maybe he was just waiting to see if the Sox did either really good or really bad so the theory would at least be relevant (again, whether omens exist or not).

I've been wondering ever since that book--no, ever since the excerpts from that book came out, if people are paid by his publisher to promote his book on their sites. He wrote a book. Fine. I'm sure it's great, even though it's the baseball version of telling the children of the world* that Santa Claus isn't real. But why so much attention on the corresponding blog? The other day he made a baseball/girlfriend analogy. Come on. Am I jealous? No. Do I think it's a huge injustice when someone gets attention just because they wrote a book while others don't, despite better writing on all levels? Opposite of no. He's already published. He wins. Fine. Does that mean his daily thoughts on the Red Sox, especially that he's no longer in Fenway Park every day, should be considered more legitimate than some random blogger? I don't think so. See the links to the right for much better blogs. Go to those, and I don't even ask that you ever come back here if you don't want to. But if you do, well, I hope you like 80s commercials.

*children who celebrate Christmas

You really are a lost soul, Jere.

I've never seen anyone filled with more hatred, envy and angst than you. Whether it be your stupid post about Jeter or this about Seth's site. Can't you just give up being so f'ing pissed at the world? Are you just angry because you feel inadequate in "other" areas? I guess you are still angry that you were this great wiffle ball player and you never amounted to anything more than being just another blogger. Whoptie f'ing Doo. Waaaa…waaaaa….I didn't write a book and he gets more attention than me despite the fact that I know more than him….waaaa….waaaa….waaa.

Maybe you should start up a collection so that visitors of your site can donate a big red balloon for you. Seriously, why do you care what he writes about on his blog? If you are that pissed then go and post a comment on his site, tell him everything you are saying here and let us see some Red Sox blogger infighting.

Your Jeter post just reeks of stupidity. They were both great catches, but Jeter's catch happened in the late innings, with men on base and the intensity of the game had increased almost ten fold at the point. You can't seem to distinguish between the two; you are so stupid that you actually counter that argument by saying (paraphrasing here) "...but if Jeter had made Pokey's catch they would still be saying how great that was over Pokey's catch." You just need something to be pissed about. You are absolutely incredible. Those two plays happened 2+ years ago and this still weighs on your mind. This just shows what a complicated human being you are, or maybe you are just THAT simple. Your inner child really needs a hug. Why is everything Big Papi does played over-and-over on ESPN? Because he's a superstar player, the same with Jeter. He only has these numbers: .339/.414/.482 with 27 SB and 93 runs scored. I can see why you say he's overrated and part of the YES network HYPE machine.

Maybe you should try being a little more like Jerry Remy and a little less like the angry SOB Dennis Eckersly. For once, can you look at things objectively? Can you stop being so pissed at the world? I swear you are bordering on going mental and becoming a serial killer.

Leave Dan alone….he was right…I guess the truth hurts.

BTW, I just finished hearing Sterling say the three most beautiful words, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees Win!!!!"
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we lose all that "curse" and "bad omens" BS back on October 27, 2004?

I'm sure Mnookin's post was very much tongue-in-cheek, but I was disappointed to see it anyway.

PS Screw all Yankee Douchebaggery.
Now and forever.
Huh! I ain't sayin' anything until Jere speaks!
GAH! The color scheme on that site has either blinded me or made me want to listen to AFI and Alkaline Trio all night. That is just painful and depressing to look at. I didn't even get to any of the words.

I wouldn't worry about it. There's like 3 billion Sox blogs out there. Until now I had never seen that one. The only ones I remember are this one and the one where the guy draws the cartoons. If you want some advice on pumping your presence on Google, shoot me a line, I'll fill you in on all the super secret ways to get your site listed first.
For those of you who don't live in the greater Boston area and/or don't listen to WEEI with any frequency, you may not know who "Frank from Gloucester" is. Allow me to inform you - he's this old die hard Italian Yankee fan who listens to WEEI obsessively. He calls in every day and blows smoke up any show host's butt about how flawed the Red Sox are. He's always got a criticism or a bizarre theory to share and rarely acknowledges the strengths of the Sox. He always leaves you wondering how any human being could possibly have that much available time on their hands. You know, to tune in day in, day out and call up religiously when the station obviously supports a team who competes for the same division title as the Yankees. I mean, it's a little, um, pathetic is all I'm saying.
Jere, I would also like to complain about your repeated assertions that Derek Jeter has been the recipient of any sort of biased coverage. He is having an "MVP-type" season, he is exceedingly handsome, and is renown for having excellent range at shortstop (to say nothing of his legendary clutchiness).

If there is a problem with sports media today, it is that there is not nearly enough coverage of Derek Jeter and his heroic battle against terrorism. Every time your unloved, red-balloonless inner child lashes out at Handsome McJeter, a Bin Laden gets his wings. Those wings black as the poor Grackle that died, unaided by the Red Sox's pitiless grounds crew*, whose ghost has begun to and will continue to haunt the Red Sox... for the next 87 years!!! Haha, another hilarious curse.

* They were probably too busy hating the Yankees. Everyone involved with the Red Sox is obsessed with the Yankees.
I wouldn't do that google thing. That's cheating.

Thanks Jason and Witch City and Q and Peter and StJ.
And STJ, also, yeah, I never said I wanted more attention, I get a lot of great people here every day who I appreciate very much and it's at the perfect small-town level. I wouldn't want to deal with the triple-digit comment amounts every day. It's perfect how it is now.
And I fixed the link in this post!
Witch, I'm on company time, girl. Well, not now...just got back from enjoying the beautiful, scenic and tranquil living offered here in Western Massachusetts. Not something I'm used know..being from the big city and all. I don't listen to WEEI unless my travels take me to bean-town, however, you would find very similar calls on WFAN. So, let's just say you have your Frank and we have John the Sawx fan from Brooklyn. I guess we are even.

Kind of like a strong espresso to wake me up in the morning, I need Jere's blog to get me charged up throughout the day. Sometimes I find his stuff funny, sometimes I find it defying all logic and other times I find myself being inspired to comment on his stupidity. Isn't that the reason his blog has a comment section? If I'm wrong about that then let me know.....are you saying I'm not welcome here? Is this like entering someone's house w/o an invitation? I can't believe an advocate of free speech, a Bush hater and a person who has a good understanding of basic rights would ever imply that someone shouldn't express their opinion. You aren't saying that, right? You are not of that ilk.

Jason, clever....I like it.

Omnipotent Q, I'm sure your book will be done in a professional manner and you would never write anything with Red Sox colored glasses. That would just be unbecoming of a person as wise as yourself.
Jere, there's nothing wrong with wanting more traffic (or with not wanting more).

This bird thing is hilarious - check out Dirt Dog, who is now claiming he came up with it. It's funny how people are falling all over themselves trying to take credit for something that has as much validity as the world being flat.
I'm just saying, I've got more than I ever expected, and that's perfectly fine with me, and, also, I didn't complain about it in the first place.

That sounds like BDD. I'm not gonna go over there, since I'm SO happy in my current DD boycott. It really does make life better just pretending he doesn't exist.
i really think seth mnookin was being sarcastic.
Not the point. I clarified this twice during my post, about this not being about whether black birds make baseball players do bad/get hurt. My point is that the sarcasm was an entire month late. And that he got all the attention for something that was just kind of...there anyway, only because he has a book out.
Not to worry. My book will actually be fair to Yankee fans. I've known MANY good ones in my life, so it won't be one long bashing session.

Thanks for the kind words, even if you meant them sarcastically.

The Q
Reading the comments for you, Jere, are so much fun. And if I feel I need to jump in for support, criticism, or just to lighten the mood, well, I will be right here. Hi to everyone!
Having just returned from "the south," I can assure you that there are parts of this world that are flat...or at least filled with people who would buy such an assertion...

I can't believe all the fun I've missed in RSN blogdom...the arguments, the catfights...oh, and Mnookin's book, for all its "special access" presented nothing new to me re: the Sox...after you've read about 30 Sox books in two years, anything short of "Nelson de la Rosa was passed around the clubhouse as a good luck sex slave" will fail to phase me...
Uh, Daaaa? You talk and shit from the same hole. For someone so unhappy with the content, you spend alot of time enmeshed in it. Piss off.

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