Sunday, August 13, 2006

This Kind Of Ad Is Okay

As you may remember, I recently tried the new beverage, Coca-Cola Blak, for the first time. I've made a commercial for the product. They can use it if they'd like. Click the box below.


How do I comment on this video without spoiling it for the rest?

Brilliant. Never before has a product's essence so been captured in an advertisement.
I hate these concept-style beverages! What's next? Pizza Coke with a hint of melted cheese? Coke Green: Lawn Clippings + Classic Coke = Refreshing! Ugh.
Great vid!! No further comment is needed, except maybe......WATCH THIS, PEOPLE!!!!
A hint of melted cheese, yowch.

Thanks, everybody.
Deranged Genius!

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