Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tails Fails Twice

When you miss a day of baseball, suddenly the entire games, which so many other people surely suffered through, become decided by a coin flip. You know the results have been dedcided over three or so hours, but you get them instantly. Unless, that is, you squeeze out the info, like my dad used to do with the horse racing results in the newspaper.

I got home from my night here:

...and, knowing nothing of the Sox or Yanks results, switched the internet dial over to the redsox.com channel. I put my hand over the screen as to only reveal to myself the picture on the top left. Each team's site usually pictures its own, even after a loss. So I had to figure out if the pic was a "we won" pic or a "consolation" pic. It was Beckett. A good sign, I thought. I checked below, hoping to see, "Josh Beckett totally pitched a perfect game tonight." Instead, it was, "Josh Beckett totally stunk, and we almost had a comeback, but didn't. You, Jere, weren't there for them when they needed you most. Terrible job."

Like a stake through the heart. Or at least through the heart of my until-then nice night. Then I opted to find out the Yanks result by checking the standings: 2.0 games back. Another stake.

Enough about that. Tonight I took the hour-ish long subway ride to Coney Island to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play the Coxsackie Muckrakers. Or something like that. The word "Muck" was in the team name.

Oh, wait. I guess I should wait to tell the story until I post the rest of the pics. Watch for that and those soon.

Caption for above pic: A lonely umpire waits for the inning to start as the Coney Island rides peak over the outfield fence or whatever. And it's summer and America and people are taken back to their youth and expensive stuff used to cost a nickel and blah blah blah.

A Sheerly, Hideously AWFUL Performance by Josh Beckett!
Ditto. 2nd runner up for badness...Hale....but after being in a 5-0 hole, well............
Cyclones took on the Batavia Muckdogs last night. I'm still wondering when they got that name from. I go to KeySpan at least 7 or 8 times a year, as my dad and I have a partial season ticket. It's a really great place to watch baseball....
Is a picture of Beckett ever a good thing these days? Unless it's accompanied by the caption, "Josh Beckett was traded to some team by the Red Sox today in exchange for a player, any player, with an IQ over 70 and some guitar strings for Theo."

The Josh Beckett era is over.

Well, the way I look at it is, He's got a history which is great. Maybe at the very least we can hope it gets down toward the end and he really turns it on. OR, he just learns from all this and is good for us down the line. I'm holding out hope for the guy.

He said very frustrated-ly.

Maybe we can trade Seanez and Tavarez for some former players who can teach Beckett how to pitch again, and more blister cream. I think that trade would have to work out in our favor.
On-line watching the game...drop lines if ya wish...the last time you and I did the minute by minute call in Oaktown, it worked...

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