Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sun Day

One game back with three to play before the Yanks series. I'll be at two of the five.

I'll be putting up that Posada cheating play around 11:30 PM if all goes according to plan.

In the ninth inning of the Yankees game, Jeter got called out on strikes. He got really pissed and argued with the ump. In classic Yankee tradition, he spoke his opinion as if it were fact: "That's not a strike." All replays showed he had no argument. TJ, Chetes.

Here's today's funny real-life story:

I went over to the Mexican place that's run by Asians for lunch, which was my first meal of the day, before the baseball started. I went to pay for my black bean burrito. I asked the woman if she could break a fifty. (I'd bought the $45 dollar Sonic Youth tickets a while back, so yesterday Pat gave me a fifty at the show.) She appeared willing to take my bill. She checked down below the register for change. Not enough there, apparently. She went to the back--to the fridge--to find enough change. Wow, I thought, She's giving away the secret money-hiding spot. Her hand emerges from the fridge--with a can of Pepsi.

"No, no, I'm sorry," I told her. I pointed to the corner of my bill and said, "Fifty. Can you break a fifty?"

Funny enough, but later, I realized there was more to this story. In the past, I've gotten a can of Coke with my food there. The last few times, though, I asked for a Coke, only to be told they were out. Not being a fan of Pepsi, I always would just refuse any drink upon being told there was no Coke. Finally, a few visits ago, the woman mentioned above gave me the impression that they just weren't carrying Coke anymore. After that, I stopped asking for a drink.

Today she was probably so excited that I asked for a Pepsi. An extra buck out of me from now on, she surely thought, as she searched high and low for a Pepsi. But it wasn't to be. Now that I think about it, after proving my obvious wealth, what with paying for a burrito with a fitty, maybe I should've just bought the Pepsi. Chan would've enjoyed it. Oh well.

Hey, did anybody see the new pictures of Castro, with the red, white and blue Adidas track suit? I kid you not. Watch for wacky internet- and late night talk show-stuff to come of that.

I think Fidel looked a little drugged, but his statement "to the public" was cryptic, and I think I know what he was trying to say but did not, only hinted. His immediate trouble is over, I interpreted from his words, but do not be surprised if there are setbacks. To me, it seems like it might be cancer. But of course I don't know. He's 80....he's had (having) a full life.
Are you talking about Blockhead's Burritos on 2nd between 81st & 82nd? My wife's not a big fan of Mexican, so alas, just like with Googie's, I've never actually been in there. We ate at Penang, the Vietnamese/Indian place between 82nd & 83rd, for dinner last night.
Who knows what's up with Fidel. He's wearin' Adidas, he's talkin' about adverse news. I guess he's just 80.

AJ-matic: No, our place is up further on 2nd. By the little park. Never been to Penang, but I think I can picture its weird font.

And we're anxiously awaiting the reopening of Saigon Grill across from Elaine's. I love that place. They better not crappify the food when they reopen. I like Tamarind for Indian, too.
hmmm...Saigon Grill. We'll have to try that one. We usually end up sticking below 86th though. Ironically, I was the one who discovered the Spanish tapas place up on 90th and dragged my wife (then fiance) up there.

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