Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hansen stinks lately. Beckett stinks lately. Schilling stinks lately. Delcarmen stinks lately. Timlin stinks lately. Lester stinks lately. Tavarez and Seanez were never any good. Papelbon, for him, stinks lately. (One game-tying homer against the Rays, for him, is really bad. That's why I said "for him.")

Jason Johnson actually didn't do bad this time.

Wells is still giving up key hits on 0-2 pitches.

We started a catcher named Corky.

We actually had Javy Lopez pinch hit for someone else. Granted, it was Corky.

We won't get to see how Stern turns out because Varitek got injured. That's a shame.

Remy says it and Sterling says it ad nauseum: The something something something with the next day's starting pitcher. So, we may seem to be in a funk, I guess, but if the pitching can step it up, we'll be okay. They just actually have to do that, instead of waiting for someone else to do it, and continually throwing 0-2 pitches right over the plate.

It's those too good 0-2 pitches that have been killing us. You hit the nails on their heads with this post.
Those 0-2s' are flat fastballs.
Tavarez is the new embree

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