Wednesday, August 02, 2006

She's Fantastic/Made Of Plastic

Click this box to watch the Small Wonder theme.

Remember Small Wonder? If you're too young, basically it was an 80s sitcom about a dude who works for a robotics company and his family. He builds a robot girl, and she joins the family, as their sister and daughter, Vicki. She has super-robotic powers, and they can just flip the switch on her back if she ever gets out of hand. Red-headed neighbor Harriet is always scheming, leading Vicki's brother, Jamie, frustrated. We were supposed to find Harriet annoying, while Jamie was supposed to be the voice of reason. However, the kid who played Jamie was a huge over-actor. Terrible job, kid who played Jamie. I still want to strangle you. The jokes were always god-awful one-liners. And none of their guests suspected anything, despite the fact that the daughter TALKED LIKE A ROBOT.

Chan, Gumby and I used to stay up late every night in our college years, watching reruns of show like this. I think it was Mr. Belvedere at 3:00, SW at 3:30, and then sometimes I'd stay for Three's Company at 4:00. Those were the days.

When I was younger, my cousins and I used to threaten each other saying, "If you don't shut up, I'll beat you like Wesley!" I don't think ol' Ueker ever hit that kid, but man, did he deserve it. Not as much as his friend with the dental headgear, but still...Also, Leon Redbone sang that theme song!!! So, yeah, you could say I'm down with Brocktune...
She'd make a PERFECT YES Network Commentator on Yankees Games:

Might even sound better than Joe & Tim, on "FOX Saturday Baseball";

Would drive Joe & Tim nuts correcting their facts.
The series that started Edie McClurg's reign as America's favorite wacky neighbor!

How is she only 55?

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