Friday, August 18, 2006


How am I going to survive this series, let alone the playoffs?

Looked like we were gonna pull even, after manny homered to make it 4-2, then we had second and third, no out. But we have made 6 outs in 6 innings on the first pitch. God damn it.

We only ended up with one run there, so 4-3 them going to the seventh.

Hinske 3-3 with two doubles.

And KySny's doing quite well.

[Edit: I wasn't gonna say anything. But I actually went back in here and typed the line about Snyder. It was a risk. And sure enough, two hits in a row. Hopefully this line will re-un-jinx the un-re-un-jinx. Un.

Crap. Couldn't even hit "publish" before yet another hit. 5- effin-3 them. Let's see, World Series winning pitcher who knows Yankee rivalry and loves Boston and wants to stay? Or unproven platoon outfielder? Hmmm.

Let's get two on A-Rod please. Nope. In play, run scoring play. This better not be a homer. Unless it's some sort of boomerang ball with talons that can get Bronson and bring him back... double. 6-3. Here comes Delcarmen.]

Forgive me, but Eric Fucking Hinski? Shameless post-deadline pluck. It appears in the article in today’s SF Chronicle that the Sox will owe Hinski something in the neighborhood of $4 million in exchange for “future considerations”. Hard to dissect from the numbers given, but that’s $4 mil. + talent / pick(s) for a back-up player to help Boston deal with NY and a run at the postseason. $4 million is 1/9th the total payroll of the ‘Rays for a little situational plug-in. Terrible stench, that.
Pig fucker Bill Simmons (Page 2 / ESPN) opined that the Royals have the worst sports franchise of the 21st century – team payroll: $47 million, while praising the White Sox: $103 million. He pokes fun at “MoneyBall” and the A’s while Oakland is 68-52, Boston as of now is 69-51. The difference in payrolls is about that of the Cleveland Indians TP ($56 mil.). If Bud Selig could bend the player’s union into accepting a cap, he would give a lot of teams the same chance at history-making as Boston and NY, not to mention making the rivalry between the two more intense. Otherwise, rippin on the low enders is gutter.
(Still) Enjoy your blog, wit, sense of humor, writing.
The timing of my consistent rant is probably not good for you - 12-4, Ouch!
A fan of the team that wrote out a blank check to the Phillies in exchange for Abreu really shouldn't be complaining about the Hinske deal.
Oh wait, my bad. It appears that you're an A's fan. How 'bout that Jeremy Bonderman? Firing Grady Fuson for drafting Bonderman...real shrewd move by Billy "Coolest GM in the Game" Beane.
Relevance? Eh, you're fired. You failed to mention a 6-12 learning curve.
You want relevance? That will come when Bonderman shuts out the A's in the playoffs, and Beane is forced to whine again about how "my stuff doesnt work in the playoffs". Yeah, only dumb GMs draft high school players, right Michael Lewis?
Spend a lot of time at the zoo do you? Tangent, spatial enterprise - whoa chimp, don't eat the crayons.

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