Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Richard/The Lyin'-Hearted

Looks like this team has broken David Ortiz' heart.

I'm sure he's fine. Do you know anyone with a regular heartbeat? The heart isn't a metronome, it's a living thing. Its beat is irregular by nature. Of course, I'm talking out my ass here, but I think I've got armchair biology down to a science. An armchair science, anyway.

My heart skips beats like my body skips church: consistently. I don't always notice it, but when I'm in a certain position, or if something is leaning on my chest, I feel my heart beating. And every once in a while, it pauses before a beat, and then comes back strong with a big thump, and then it kicks in again. My sister is a nurse, and she says this is normal. Apparently, if you ask anyone to pay close attention to their own heart, they're going to hear a beat that's a little off every now and again. So David will be fine.

In other news, I'm still in complete shock over Mr. and Mrs. Harden purposely naming their son Richard. Seriously. Don't tell me they were oblivious. My guess is the dad was also a Dick, and wanted his son to go through what he had to go through. Cruel.

[Note: Futures at Fenway pictures are below, scroll down please.]

In all seriousness though- are you a little worried? Cos I am. Motherfuck that would suck.
I'm sure he's fine too, but given Boston's history of athletes with heart problems (Reggie Lewis, Len Bias, etc), I think it should freak you out a little. This isn't a Manny's hammy situation.
My boss has one and he is working on correcting it with medication. There are different types, though, so I think they carry different degrees of risk. The important thing is they know about it. One of the potential risks is blood clotting, which, of course, can lead to stroke. But he's got the best doctors in the country on the case, so we've got that going for us.
I thought of Lewis too, but really, that was a cocaine issue, so unless Papi is on cocaine (hey, anything's possible) they're probably not similar.

Hope he's OK. I'd honestly feel a lot better if he just shut it down for the season. This sort of shit shouldn't be fooled around with. Of course I know nothing about it in detail, so I'm sure they'll do whats best for him.
I didn't think of those Celtics, probably because I'm not from Boston and wasn't a Celtics fan. All I thought was, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's superman, remember. I'm sure they'll check him out and do what's necessary, which will probably be cautionary anyway. Shutting him down--good idea--but all these tickets I have for September--it's starting to look like all they're good for is seeing papi break the Red Sox HR record!

BSM--How is it that I do a post with a Gabbo drawing and you comment on the posts before and after, but not that one?? Gabbo! Gabbo! Gabbo!!!
That's a pretty terrible job by me ignoring the Gabbo, even considering I think of it every time Gabbard is mentioned.

I don't watch basketball either, but for some reason Lewis dyng is a vivid memory for me, and at the time I had no idea who he was.

It just worries me that this is the SECOND time in just over a week he's had this issue (went to the hospital Sat. of NYY series with same issue). The first I heard of it, I thought "he'll be ok." Second time, coupled with being sent to Boston- I'm kinda freaked out.
Yeah, I mentioned the first one in my post about PYS. But maybe I'm not overly worried becuase we didn't hear about that one til later, and by the time we did, we already knew he was out of the hospital, and had played since. So this is only the first time we're hearing about an Ortiz heart problem that we don't already know will turn out fine. Then again, now that he's got it again, that could mean the first one didn't just turn out fine. So, I'm a little worried, I guess, yes. But confident he will be okay.
I really hope it's nothing serious with Ortiz. He's become a new great face for baseball and Dominicans.

There are just some things that are more important than baseball and we all hope he is doing well.
Daaaaaaa...nice thought. Thanks! We all feel the same way.
I do love Papi so. I remember him saying that he's always being tested for drugs because he's such a big guy. He said, "But all they find is rice and beans, rice and beans."
I hope the docs in Boston only find rice and beans and send him on his way.

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