Friday, August 11, 2006

Recent Quiz Answer

The question was: Dwight Evans, Rich Gedman, Jim Rice, and Bob Stanley are the only Red Sox players to do what?

AJM was close. His answer at least meant he knew they all played in Boston in the early- and late-80s.

The answer is, they are the only four to play for the Sox in at least one game of every year of the eighties. So they got that goin' for them.

Final reminder: For the few of you who haven't blown off the weekend series to go watch paint re-wet-ify, remember, "And the rockets' [RED!!] glare..." I'm tellin you, you're gonna hear the O's fans do the "O!" and wish you'd done the "red!" So try it. The hope is that even if only MattySox does it, at least maybe some nearby season ticket holders will hear it and do it the next day. Also, remember, only do this for O's games. No need to do it any other time. Good luck.

I won't be red-dy for this weekend, haha...they're in Boston this time; but I'll be red-dy haha in Baltimore in September...
Oh. Whoops. I thought you said you were going this weekend. But going to Balty would make sense considering where you live. So, anyone else going this weekend?
What I said was in jest and hardly offensive to anyone, let alone your gf. I guess talking like an adult is not permitted around here. Whateva...
Why are you trying to speak for her or anyone else and what they find offensive?

Even if I get offended by something you say about ME, I'll leave it up. But if go talking about other people, I'm deleting. My girlfriend isn't a plaything for my amusement, and neither are any other people, except for the ones that need 50 dollars to make you holler, for they receive payment in exchange for the doing the wild thing.
hey jere,
it's my first time here, as your blog was recommended to me by several people, and it's a really good one. nice posts. i'll be back :)
Thank you.

Saw your comments on redsoxchick just today...

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