Sunday, August 13, 2006

"...Quickly Conceals It From The Umpire..."

Okay, the moment you all, meaning I, have been waiting for. Click the box: [Update: Don't click. Video gone forever. Sorry.]

Michael Kay describes the play as it's happening. Then Jim Kaat takes over, describing how Posada uses his mask "as his right hand," and admits that the Yanks got away with it. Kay stays quiet the whole time, probably trying to figure out some way to justify this. Either that or he's getting specific instructions in his earpiece: "Michael, Big Stein has already chimed in here. His message to you is to simply move on. Don't mention this play ever again...and, hey, is Kitty still talking about it? Michael, YOU MUST STOP HIM IMMEDIATELY, do you read me?"

Scroll down for all my weekend rantings if you want. If not, just check out my Coke Blak commercial right below this.


Got away with it, but DFYankees still lost:

Whoa, Jere - on top of things there in NYC. SPEND IT ALL, GEORGE (were it my last wish).

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