Friday, August 25, 2006


I'd been thinking about this lately, but now that David Ortiz has admitted to having had a rapid heartbeat during last weekend's Yankee series, and went to the hospital for it, I have to get it out there:

Red Sox-Yankees series' are my period.

Seriously, it's the same thing. Leading up to them, my face breaks out like that of a fourteen-year old. I get canker sores. My body aches. I get anxious, along with everybody's favorite twins, moody and irritable. The thought of Derek Jeter is a cramp that won't go away. Except for maybe bloating, I basically get PMS. I call it "PYS," though.

And then the series happens. Sometimes it's long, sometimes it's short. Sometimes it's not half bad, and sometimes it's horrible. But either way, it's a relief when it's over.

Last weekend, it was the heaviest of flows (Yank-struation. Man-struation?), and lasted the maximum five games.

I'm okay now, but PYS should set in again in about two weeks. One more period, and then maybe another bonus one in the playoffs, and then I'm okay for another six months. If you only you ladies got six months off every year, right?

It's a horrible thing, and I have to deal with it. But it means I have blossomed into a mature baseball fan. I have the power to pass my fandom on to the next generation. I am baseball fan, hear me roar.

Who says the rivalry is dead? (Answer: Andrew. Check out his guest article on a Yankee blog about it. It's interesting. I obviously don't agree that the rivalry is dead. I think it's changed. But there are plenty of things Andrew says that make sense, and that I agree with in the article. That's probably a whole other post I'd have to do to give my opinions on everything he brought up. Whether you agree with all, some, or none of what he says, it's a well thought out piece and gives you things to think about. But, like I said, I can provide physical evidence that the rivalry is very strong in this one. I don't get acne before Royals series'.)

Yes, it was a well written piece, but it should be filed under humor rather than sports. The rivalry dead? Please. Way back when (when? 1945 (or earlier) thru now), the media was involved in the rivalry. But it is not a media creation. Andrew writes from a recent perspective. But there is no way ANYTHING is dead, pimples notwithstanding.
I can definitely understand PRS. I do love it when it's finally over.
Now imagine if you were female and had PYS coinciding with the actual biological event. Wouldn't THAT be a hoot?
Touche, Sam.
I am a Sox fan married to a member of the Evil Empire. We need a guest house so I can retire to it when the Dead Sox pull this crap because I can't live in the house anymore.

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