Friday, August 18, 2006


Immediately, MDC gives up a 2-run hit. 8-3. I'll be getting on a Metro-North train soon and won't have access to this crap. At least now if we win we'll know it was a huge comeback win. I'll have to see what happens after my ride...

Chan out.

Engaged in a little repartee with one of your fans - knows where first base is - and me, trying yet again to make the point I live to make. You are currently down 8 runs in game 3 of 5. Yankees have scored a total of 39 runs. One gets the sickening feeling that Boston isn't going to survive this series. $180 / 200 million team, commercials of Jeter telling everyone how much he enjoys being a Yankee - loved and hated. What the prick doesn't seem to grasp is that the historical scope of his team has been built on financial fortune limited to a handful of teams and that of those teams, the differential they enjoy is currently 33% more money to spend than even the Red Sox. So while there is much to bemoan in Boston, imagine being a KC Royal, buried by $150 million NY advantage. Oakland: out $140 million. That is the RS payroll + the salary of Barry Bonds more than what the A's have to work with. Get on the bandwagon Jere. Evil makes way.
I could write a whole blog about this stuff. (You could too, and you should!)

What can we do about this? I will help the cause of making baseball fair for all teams. But if that involves not being a Sox fan anymore, or not going to Fenway, I can't. So, let me know the first step.

This is not sarcasm.

Neither was that.

Or that.

I would suggest that you point your “pen” in the direction of greatest influence. The Red Sox fan base is probably not a good place to start. Take AJM for example. A coconut on a sandbar, you’re not going to crack that fucker with any amount of sand. If you had two coconuts, you could bash them together but there’s no guarantee you’ll open both. Better to start at the top of the pyramid – high profile journalists, high traffic blogs with a reasonable bent. The argument itself IMHO, is one of numbers and the vacuum of historical success by the majority of teams. There’s plenty of money for NY to make and plenty of ways for MLB to collect and distribute enough league revenue to satisfy the players union – it’s in the interest of both owners and players. Imagine the intensity of a salary capped rivalry between Boston and NY, the dispersion of talent among all the teams.
The real crime is committed by PF’s like Tim McCarver or silly little dopes like Billy Crystal, who worship the Yankees for the scope of their historical dominance, oblivious to the dearth of same throughout the rest of baseball. Otherwise it’s always a matter-of-fact gibberish. Like this is how it is and this is how it will always be. 26 rings – Wow! “The Yankees spent $200 million last year and they didn’t win another! – proof that a salary cap isn’t necessary!” Spend a moment (no pun intended) and reflect on the Yankees presence in the post-season in the last 10 years. No other team is close. Anyone who thinks that money had nothing to do with that is smoking paint chips.
As for giving up anything, I will simply say that I love baseball. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better – better for the majority of teams that don’t have a CHANCE IN HELL of winning their own division, let alone the WS. Go to games. Rail against Evil. Pray Theo dumps Tavarez, that Beckett finds his form again – but make noise about the choices you have as a fan. Say to someone who will listen “$60, $80, $150 million disparities in payroll is fucking wrong.
Yeah, I know all that stuff about the Yanks. As for you and AJM, my name's Paul, and that shit's between y'all. But he's a smart guy so don't think he's just some yahoo.

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