Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Less Country Song At Fenway?

Country dumbass kills tame bear. Terrible job.

I read a different article in which they mentioned some of this guy's songs. One was "My Town." Now I don't know Tim McGraw from Quick Draw McGraw, but I did recognize that title. I'm pretty sure they play it Fenway, along with a couple of other country songs. I hope that's it, because maybe now they'll pull it from rotation.

Please note, when searching the news for this guy's name, I came up with the above article (appeared 47 minutes ago), and another one about the guy's group's new album (59 minutes ago). So, it's probably yet another celebrity attention-grabbing, album-selling, perfectly timed fake story, a la Hugh Grant.

Looks like I'm getting the good matchups this weekend. I'll be there Saturday for Beckett-Randy, and Sunday for Schilling-Moose. My score predictions? Saturday: 2,496-2,180, Sunday: 16-10.

Montgomery Gentry sings "My Town" not Tim McGraw.

And, yep, I knew that without looking it up.

I'm not proud. :-)
And I'll be at both games on Friday, Jere. We keep missing each other!
That's amazing. At least we know we'll both be at the final reg. season game. But even then, I'll be in the Monster Seats, so I'll probably head straight up there! So we'll have to meet outside or something.

And the McGraw thing: Just pointing out how I don't know much about country by saying I didn't know the difference between a really popular country singer of today and an old cartoon character. But, hey, your way makes it appear I know even less about country, which is fine with me...

(Note: I do know it's "cool" to say that "older country isn't bad," and I agree with that to a degree. But I don't listen to old country at all, really.)
The numbers provided for Saturday's result: were those runs scored, or homers allowed? Ya know, cuz it's Beckett and all...

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