Monday, August 07, 2006

One In A Million

Joe Namath has been entertaining America for decades. Long before his unfortunate, live, national TV, drunken flirtation with Suzy Kolber, my friends and I would imitate Joe's announcing skills and weird Pennsylvanian accent. And, of course, his famous Brady Bunch appearance: "Okay, Bobby, here comes the bomb." Here's a little Broadway Joe action you may not have seen.

[Update: How could I forget? The Wiz commercials! This one isn't a classic, but he still does the one eyebrow raise.]

In the 1st case:

What a Dick:

2nd Case;

Watch it, Leggett. Pre-Kolber Namath is my boy!
Post should've been called "Million To One." I messed up the line. Damn.
I'll always love Joe Willie, whether there's alcohol involved or not....

Good stuff, Jere. Thanks.
I was always a Namath fan. But the his little "Kolber Report" was inexcusable. And shows you what alchol can do to a person. I think he apologized for it, though, and has sought treatment, which is good.
My error:

Only with Suzy Kolber;

The 1st is on Letterman & was crazy cool;

The other was OK.

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