Friday, August 11, 2006

On The Go

You caffiends are gonna love this: Yesterday I saw a tiny, mobile Dunkin Donuts vehicle parked on 42nd Street. The thing is three apples high, and has a Dunkin Donuts worker/driver inside. And it putts around hawking coffee to people that are too damn lazy to walk the, at most, four blocks it takes to get to the closest DD to them at any given moment.

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Remember, Duh Yanks Win, make fun of me all you want, but you have to leave innocent people not involved out of it...moms, girlfriends, etc.
I want one of those things to follow me around, so that I have DD coffee available at all times. Oh man. How great would that be?

Hey Jere, remember how creepy those yellow Levine's Automotive cars were in Danbury? They were always around every corner, we always thought they were some kind of secret service hiding in plain sight.

I predict those CoffeeWagons will be everywhere by the end of the year, and will be a major part of the War on Terror: Phase II.
Levine Automotive, duh, dunnnnn....

Weird thing is, while looking for a job when I was living there, two different times, I thought about driving auto parts around for them. Seemed really easily, and they were always looking for college kids and retirees to drive the cars. Never got as far as actually applying, though.

You have a point. If they want to some secret stuff, it is the perfect cover-up.

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