Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Off-Season Quiz

After a day without baseball, this first hour of the Sox and Yanks games is making me so frustated and nearly putting me in the hospital, so I'm turning to a good old-fashioned trivia question:

Dwight Evans, Rich Gedman, Jim Rice, and Bob Stanley are the only Red Sox players to do what?

I'm going to go with "play under both Don Zimmer and Joe Morgan"

They also all signed autographs for a young AJM at Dunbar Stadium...but several other Sox also hold that distinction.
Nope. Hurst would be in on that category, too.
...and the Sox are trying their hardest to make it impossible to even watch them anymore. How can they just completely fall apart in the field against the freakin' KC Royals?!?

At least Ned Lamont is looking like a winner tonight.
wow, you're right...I had completely forgotten that Hurst was a rookie in 1980...just seemed like he broke in a couple years later.
Yeah, I said it after an hour how frustrating it was, and since then, both games have only gotten worse. This whole night is just "TV out window" horrible. I'm just begging the BB gods to make ONE of these two games turn out right. I am about to go out the window along WITH the TV.
Evans, Gedman, Rice, and Stanley: they were never in my kitchen.
So they were the ONLY ones to never be in your kitchen? Wow. What did Smoky Joe Wood eat?

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