Thursday, August 03, 2006

Movie Dream One Step Closer To Reality

I missed the very beginning of the intro to the game on NESN tonight, but I saw they were showing highlights superimposed on the Monster, as if they were movies. My idea! As well-documented on this blog. Maybe my vision of sitting at Fenway and actually watching a "Monster Movie" will come true soon. Again, Lucchino, no money needed for the idea, just season tickets, please. Thanks.

Yanks won to the struggling Blue Jays, so we need to win to stay tied for first. I'm glad to have Don and Jerry once again, as I've gotten the NESN coverage this whole series.

Huckaby, aka the anti-Jeter, makes the start at catcher. But we may have a new cacther in Javy Lopez, if the rumors are true.

Youk leads off the game with a double, and now my TV has gone black. Stein-bren-nerrrr!

I can't get my Sox feed either! WTF?!?

I just assumed it was the terrible, but mayhaps Steinbrenner is shooting powerful jamming rays at Boston.
My entire digital cable was gone. It came back but goes out periodically. I know there are problems with power and whatnot because of the heat, so it could be that. But more likely george effin' with me.

So every time it goes out I have to quickly get on the gameday audio. Annoying.

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