Sunday, August 13, 2006

Moore Walkoffs

I had to head out to Brooklyn for the Sonic Youth show in the ninth with the game tied. I was confident about the win. Sure enough, Pat and I later heard the result on the radio. Manny's first walk-off since June 15th, 2003, a game we were both at, along with five other people, back when you were allowed to get more than four tickets to a single game at Fenway. And he continued the hitting streak with that winning hit. 27 games. More than halfway to the most overrated record in baseball history.

The concert was at McCarren Pool. It's an old olympic-sized pool that'd been dormant for years. Now they're having concerts there:

Opening were hipster favorites the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I guess the singer lady always wears wacky costumes like this one. And the guitar player must not realize he looks like every other dude, all of whom are just imitating dudes from the 70s anyway. Terrible job:

I love outdoor shows. Especially ones that start in the daylight and end at night.Sonic Youth was awesome as usual. I really like what I've heard of their new album. Here's a shot of Kim and Thurston:

Sonic Youth: The punk rock parents, I guess. Here's a shot of Kim dancing and Thurston gettin' all crazy:

Then the two pipe-smoking (weed-style, not grandpa) girls in front of us each passed out individually. That was the one negative of that place, the weed smell. But, it's cool. Usually the worst-smelling shows are the best.


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