Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Check it out, I made ABC News' "Science and Society blog," for my earlier dig at NASA. Weird. I have to admit, it was a great line by me that day. Nice Googling, ABC science-blogging guy.

Nice mention there Jere. And I'm fairly certain you were talking tounge-in-cheekly when you
expessed your doubt about that late 1960s day. But....they might not know it. I don't want you to be known as a crackpot. A person without facts who expresses himself so well. You're not. But THEY don't know it! Whadd'ya think??
Public: You faked?

NASA: Yup.

Public: With us.

NASA: Mm hm.

Public: But what about the flying, the floating, the golfing??

NASA: Fake...fake...fake.
I like the comments. Do you really want to kill a living yeti just to do an autopsy on it? I haven't thought about it too much, but I think I am generally anti-yeticide.
Nice call, St. J. I hadn't even checked the comments on that post. I will respond over there now.
Just tried to comment there. Doesn't seem to be working.
Wow, that one commenter suggested that you might be related to Bush. That's about as insulting as it gets.

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