Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leave The O-Faces Red-Faced

If you know someone who's going to a game this weekend at Fenway against the Orioles, remember to tell them to yell out "red" during the "rockets' red glare" part of the National Anthem. Once it (surely...) gets popular then we can do it in September at Camden Yards to give those O's fans a taste of their own "dumb stuff to do at the park"-icine.

Look, you might as well do it. The twelve O's fans at Fenway will be doing their "O!" thing anyway. Let's see if we can't get them to stop that crap. Why? Not because I care about talking during the Anthem, but because it's stupid. I think it would be funny if the tens of thousands of Sox fans did it at Camden, leaving the O people to wonder if they should do it when the O part comes around, since it will be weak compared to our "red"-fest.

I'll be there 9/12; will shout out "red" for you...

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