Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm Back, Baby

After all that, we're only 2 games back, on a one-game winning streak, and the Yanks have lost 3 of 4. We may be 1-5 in our last 6, but they're 2-4. Hardly the "heavyweight" that our friend BSM is making them out to be. C'mon, BSM, it's not only fun to say they're stinky, it's true!

Tonight it was the Lidle/Ponson start, and hilarity ensued. A-Rod and Ponson himself were letting balls get by them in the field like they were humans and the balls were human-repellent-covered spheres. And the Angels were whacking the ball like ball-whacking creatures of some type or kind.

Their lineup tonight was lightweight: Nick Green, the Melk Man, Fasano, Wilson. Their rallies were, as usual, started with the help of errors. I'm just saying, they're beatable, and as I'd hoped, we suddenly find ourselves looking good again. This is where the media should be saying how this time it was the Yanks who didn't take advantage of the other team doing shitty over the last six games.

The Yanks did end up costing me some sleep, though. Here's how:

Tonight, Chan and I dedcided to hit the 10:40 showing of Little Miss Sunshine down in Union Square. The Sox game was over, and the Yanks were two outs away from losing, down three, at 10:15, when we left. We got to the 86th Street subway literally five seconds too late to get on the express train. Crap. Ten minutes later at least, another one finally approached. However, we quickly noticed it was a...dun dunnnn...Yankee train. In other words, the people were packed in like sardines, each one in pinstriped garb, on their way back to Grand Central (en route to their Westchester mansions) from the Bronx. I had no desire to board that train. I would have, if it hadn't been so crowded, or if more people had gotten off. But getting on that train would've been uncomfortable in more ways than one. So we waited for the next one. Equally packed. We decided to go for the local, and by the time we got to 14th Street, Father Time, who I call Clockie McGee, starting now, had made the decision for us that we were seeing the midnight show.

Now with an hour to kill, I actually let advertising work on me, despite my recent thoughts of: "Have you ever actually seen a commercial and gone out and bought the product?" I saw an ad for Coca-Cola Blak, and realized I hadn't tried it yet. I wasn't expecting much, since I don't like coffee. But I do like the smell of coffee (whatever kind my mom had in the kitchen in '79, not Starbucks or whatever). And I like coffee ice cream. So I thought I'd give cola with "coffee essence" a try. We went to some random quickie-mart, where I pet a really great kitty for a good ten minutes, and I grabbed a Blak.

One word, and it's a made up word: Pukebarf. Stay away from this beverage. Do not give it to children or the elderly.

My dream had come false: I'd have to buy a new drink, at movie theater prices, to get the liquid refreshment I'd need to wash down the M&M's I'd be smuggling into the movie. I went to the water fountain. Didn't work. I went to the Coke machine. 3 bucks. That plus the $1.85 for the Blak, and we're talking about almost 5 dollars for one 20 oz. Coke. I went to the concession stand. Small drink: $4.25, i.e. over 6 bucks for a watered down one. I went back to the machine, choosing the "bargain." Didn't take bills. Isn't this illegal? They're making all other choices of beverage unavailable so you'll have to buy their crap. I thought about, you know, breakin' stuff in protest. Instead I just didn't buy their stuff. Maybe I'll write a letter.

Little Miss Sunshine was incredible. If you're into the kind of laughing where you can't stop, see this film. It's got Steve Carell, who's worth the price of admission, even though New York movie admission has reached the 11 dollar mark. But the rest of the cast is great, too. Alan Arkin is really funny in this. It's about a dysfunctional family that finds itself taking a long road trip to the pre-teen daughter's beauty pageant together. And that's all I'll say. That and: this was the funniest movie I'd seen in a while.


Sounds like what Yankees Fans were going through, last night;

Nice to see them go though that.
This movie has gotten so many not good but great reviews from many who I've read. I guess it has a little of everything, with laughter. It's on my list. And Boomer last night? Nice. Team win all the way. Enjoy the perfect weather!

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