Thursday, August 17, 2006

Huge Red Flag Waving Wildly

Mike Francesa, of Mike & the Mad Dog, just said, I kid you not, and I'm paraphrasing a bit here:

"Next time you see Manny hit one over the Citgo sign...or whatever it is. Citgo? They change it every time I go up there. What is it now? [producer saying something in his ear--quite possibly "What the hell are you talking about?"]...Yeah, the billboard across the street. They're always changing that."

The Citgo sign has been in that spot since 1940, fourteen years before Francesa was born.

If Mad Dog were there, surely he'd have said, "Terrible job, Mike."

(Francesa also said in the last half hour that Papelbon has come down to Earth, and "that's just fact." An incorrect fact, I guess. Maybe he's dropped from Pluto to Jupiter, but no closer.)

Yanks got killed today. We're 1 1/2 back, 2 in the loss, heading into the weekend. Okay, this time, let's win the series first. Then get the lead. Then pull away. Then watch as the Yanks miss out on the playoffs. That's my goal anyway.

Imagine "The Toilet", in October, void of Shit:

Imagine "Toilet II" so full of Shit, in '09.
Why is it that I have to use all these words and waste countless hours (all right, minutes) thinking of stuff to say, and then Michael Leggett just comes out with these one-liners that capture the essence of everything I was trying to convey? Brilliant Yankee-hating stuff as always, Leggett.
Thank You, Jere Smith:

I'm on "Droll Patrol";

& what good is a toilet without Shit?
It's fun watching the water go 'round. And down. And we're where we want to be....2 out with 2 today. Nice.

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