Monday, August 28, 2006


Monday night, if I don't do something else instead, I'll post my pictures from the minor-league doubleheader at Fenway on Saturday. Above is the teaser pic, the submarining, brothers-having Spinner, Josh Papelbon. "Greetings, Professor Fenway." "Hello, Joshua."

This will be a nice excuse to not talk about the Red Sox. All I'll say is, besides "TJ," especially by Timlin, is that Manny was safe. If you knock the ball out of someone's glove (without intentionally slapping at it, Alex), even if the fielder catches it before it hits the ground, you're safe. It's not football. Once that ball pops out, safe. Doesn't matter now, though. I guess having that huge advantage in the pitching match-ups this weekend didn't exactly pan out. TJs all around.

You gotta get a flickr account, man. And that is a crazy capture of the submarine action.
I took 75 shots on Saturday. Maybe you're right about Flickr. In the meantime I'll just post a bunch later.

Red Sox Chick and Empy both have the same Sub-Pap shot up, too. I've got a couple more as well.
Naming a military artificial intelligence machine after your dead son is one of the creepiest ways of dealing with grief ever.
Seriously. Falcon is touched in the head. I mean, yeah, he can do some good in the clutch, but you know after the movie he goes right back to scaring kids with his pterradactyl, being a total freak, etc. I wonder what kind of computer setup he has in today's modern age. I'd say WGII is overdue.

"How about a nice game of jihad?"
'"How about a nice game of jihad?"'


Thank you, jere. I was having a pretty shitty day here at work, but it just got a lot better.

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