Monday, August 28, 2006

Everyone Is Loved. Delicious Time To You.

Click for supersize.

In the late 80's my Trash 80 imploded and I lost three-quarters of a novel. It had taken me two years to write what was gone and just a few months to reconstruct the whole thing. Novel was successfully published.
That's a great story, however, I'm failing to see the relevance in this case. Am I missing something? Do you mean that the Red Sox can make up for all this crappy play by finishing strong?

(I can fill readers in to the fact that "Trash 80" is a nickname to an old-school computer, the TRS-80.
(Your dad always says he never knows what the hell I'm talking about because I speak in parables.)
(The RS stands for Radio Shack. I don't know what the T means.)
But aside from that, how about that picture of Gabbo I drew, huh? It looks like it was pre-printed on the page! I'm so proud of that Gabbo, and I'm only realizing it now.
Good job on the Gabbo.
Thank you!
Thought it was pre-printed. You were always a super cartooner.

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