Thursday, August 24, 2006

Easy As 1:23

1:23 in the morning, that is. (Or "1:23 AM in the morning," as stupid people would say.) That's how late I had to stay up to see the Red Sox win. That's right, we won. Stop the presses. Or the uploads or whatever.

Papi and Captain lyMo went deep, we tried to blow a fairly big lead, and Pap shut the door.

Pedroia, the poor little fella. As Pat's dad said to him after a 13-year old Pony league game at that field by Ancona's Market, "you're hitting the ball good, the hits'll come." Lil' Dusty's in that same sitch-mo, just hitting rockets but with not much to show for it.

Okay, so, August, uh, let's see, 23rd: The day we turned it around. We hope.

Tomorrow I head back to that crazy pool in Brooklyn to see Joanna Newsom. As my most loyal readers know, I'm a big fan. Her music helped me through a difficult time in my life, and I've been waiting to hear those songs live for a long time, even though the difficult phase is long over. But it's okay, I'm a fan of appreciating sad music while you're happy.

Hey Jere, I just wanted to say thanks for your recent comments over at Joy of Sox.

Hope you have a great time at the concert.

Now to see if the Sox can win two in a row. I'm pretty sure that's happened before. I'll have to check the stats.
I lasted till 12:30. These late games (and all the next day coffee) are killing me.
Laura--Thank you. I actually went back now and read the coments from the previous post, which I'd given up on checking since only a few had commented before JoS put up his next post, about a similar topic. (First one was "Manny," next one was "Mnookin on Manny.") And I see that a similar discussion also took place in that first one. And I saw that you mentioned Bonds, which is exactly what I thought: Someone, in the comments, said that there isn't racism in the media, proven by Ortiz being the most beloved guy, etc. But Bonds was just as good a hitter in his prime, but wasn't beloved because of the way he was perceived. And the point is that if you're dark-skinned, it's almost like you have to do something "extra" to be loved. You better be a big teddy bear, or else. The white guy can just be a star, and that's good enough to get his picture plastered everywhere.

And you made interesting points about language. Which I was just talking about with my mom yesterday, in a completely unrelated discussion. She had called a female "feisty." Then she thought about it and realized how sexist that was. Because a man would never be called feisty. It's like, "Ooh, she's not merely a woman (barefoot, pregnant, etc), she actually speaks her mind and holds her ground...we need a special term to describe these uber-women! Feisty!"

Chris-I know what you mean. Except for the coffee.
I guess I'm confused here - are gender specific adjectives generally sexist, or is it the fact that "feisty" has a slight negative connotation? For example, I don't see handsome or beautiful as sexist words, but they are generally only applied to a specific sex.
I just meant that for a man to hold his ground, that's seen as the norm. Everybody should be standing their ground anyway. But when a woman does it, it's treated like a special thing. Because it's always preceded with "ooh..." which implies surprise. "Oooh, feisty."

Society is surprised when a woman doesn't just fall in line.

There's also nothing wrong with being feisty, or whatever you want to call it, obviously, it's the just the whole male/female difference thing.
All I know is that I can't believe that Pluto got DFA'd today. Maybe some other solar system will sign it to a one-century contract.
Yeah, Pluto's on all our minds today. I was gonna post something about that. If that dancing guy in the Bosstones is considered part of the band, why can't Pluto be considered part of the SoSy?
Hey, Save. Love your blog, love your comments.
Feisty does indeed have a negative connotation (as does spunky, plucky, brassy, etc.). That connotation is "pain in the ass" and as we all know, women who are courageous or audacious are, unlike men, a pain in the ass which is why the negativity gets slipped in semantically to differentiate.
ps. Sometimes, Jere, this commenting business makes me feel like I'm in the third grade asking the kid next to me to pass a note to the kid next to him. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about the teacher saying, "Bring that up to my desk!"
The fact that you're comparing Ben Carr to Pluto is just out-and-out ridiculous...Ben was an intregal part of the band; without him, well, think of all the hop-skippity-jump-arms-flailing dances we would have had to create on our own, rather than just copy...besides, Pluto would look terrible in plaid. TJ, Jere for even suggesting such a thing. Pluto...what the fuck ever...(I love ridiculous conversations...)
But I feel Pluto is not just the last planet in the lineup, more like a "second leadoff" planet. You never know when Mercury's gonna burn out (despite, ironically, playing a much shorter season than everyone else), and then we could just plug Plutes into the leadoff spot.

Plus, over 80 years of service to us, you can't just drop the planet.
The connotation I sense from words like feisty and plucky is that both are terms in the diminutive, so that what seperates men from women is either cute and inconsequential or just smaller, less of an intellectual threat. My deceased mother was tiny, but fierce and boundlessly capable on any scale. Catching one's self using terms (like spunky) that reduce is a growing sign of respect for all. As a matter of point taken, I would like to retire the name The Bosnian, as it is a nickname given to me to mean wild and swarthy, not of the region / country.
And I like your blog and comments,too.
Ah but I wish you're dear mother were still with us so I could invite her out for a beer and we could discuss the people who found us to be a pain in the ass because we were fierce and boundlessly capable and even, yes, shrimps. (Not buying "tiny"; short men and short women were both called shrimps by those of shallow dimensions.) We would also discuss our wild, swarthy and terrific kids, naturally.
Meanwhile, I'm lookin' for two in a row.
I keep coming back to Jere's blog regardless of the content and sometimes a bit sheepishly - for I have vented mightily - because your son seems a very decent and well grounded / rounded young man. Fair. You should be proud. Look forward to more blogging, of course. Yours, RP.
Aw mom, so polite telling people you like their blogs when they don't have blogs... but I know what you meant: surely if you like their comments, their blogs would be full of similar stuff, and therefore, naturally, you'd like that, too.
I've tried several times to start a blog, but for one reason or another I can't pull it together. One thing I have to say to you Jere is that you write just about every day. I'm still trying to avert URL photo links. Also I'm a rage writer. I get mad about something and the energy is there to spigot. If not, I mutter harmless invectives, nothing with any real meaning. I'll keep you posted on that one. Your mother sounds fun. I'll construct a blog just for her. RP
Once I went to Brooklyn Sox Fan and I thought that's who Bosnian was.
Anticipating the construction.

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