Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dayseball Update

Schilling gets his 3,000th K, but gives up 2 early homers, so we're down 3-1.

So, I've been checking all day, waiting to hear news from the hospital about the welfare of a family member. His name is David Ortiz. Weird how that works. Still no news.

The Tigers, of course, couldn't hit the magical, mystical Wang today in the big, scary stadium. Maybe tonight they'll try to prove why they have the best record, instead of exposing their tummies for tickling.

Adding up the salaries (not again, right?) of the Red Sox players on the DL or not able to play in today's game I get a figure of $61,536,830, including Coco Crisp who made that fantasic catch last night. That puts Boston very close to the $62+ million payroll of the A's. Clearly the Red Sox would very likely play a different line up if the season were starting today with a $58+ million payroll, but I think the point is clear. Imagine what kind of team you'd have with half the $. It puts the A's success in perspective.
And then the news about another family member, Jon Lester, and the tests that they are running that include those for cancer? I know it's a remote possibility, but anytime that dreaded "C" word comes into play, I'm scared. And I'm scared.

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