Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big Kat

Tonight HBO is showing Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, from 8 to midnight. Despite our differences when it comes to sports teams, and despite the title seeming a little self-important (seriously, why don't I invite my friends over to "my sacred temple" that is my living room to enjoy the "Jere existence" while "digesting" the documentary? That's all it is, Spike. A documentary. A very important one, which I fully support going in, but a documentary nonetheless), I will watch, knowing that on this issue, we agree. I'm sure Spike will tell it like it is.

Four hours is a little much, though. I figure I'll hit a wall around ten. Perfect. Then I can switch to the start of the Sox game. And I'll hit another wall when the A's score ten, and by then I'll be ready for more Katrina action.

That was an unbelievable film. Made me want to strangle someone, too. Pretty heartbreaking.
Yeah it was good stuff. I liked when you hear Lee in the background say to the one dud with all his guns, "Were you looking for Bin Laden?"
Yeah- by far my favorite though was when they talked to the guy that said "Fuck you, Mr. Cheney!" Pretty cool the guy had his own tape of the events, etc.

The shit with people being seperated from their kids, the insurance fiasco- unreal. I felt like I had a decent grasp of the scope of how bad it was, but I had no fucking idea.

That quote from Barbara Bush was tremendous too. "For a lot of these people, this is an upgrade!"

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