Monday, August 14, 2006

Attack Of The Clones

The original fake tape of the fake moon landing has been fakely and conveniently lost. I guess now we'll just have to pretend that we pretended to land on the moon. (And that there's wind in space, blowing the flag!)

Speaking of blowing the flag, the Tigers are in town. Let me know what happens because I'll be at the Brooklyn Cyclones game. Did somebody say Tiger Town?

I think it's time to start referring to Josh Beckett as the throw-in in the Mike Lowell trade. He can't afford to throw one of these turds against the Dunbars this weekend.
Great call!
We went to the moon...I was there.
I had a feeling you'd say that. Because one time i told my parents about this video I have called "Did the driver shoot JFK?" In it, it appears, if you WANT to see it, that the driver turns his head and puts a gun-shaped thing over his shoulder just as the president is hit. It could be a reflection. Anyway, they got all weird about that when I told them. Like, just talking about watching the film over and over just wasn't right.

So, I knew the fake moon claim might sit with some people who were around then the wrong way.

Then again, I was all over the conspiracy theories about 9/11, and that's my generation's big moment. So when bloggers who aren't born yet in 30 years bring up 9/11 conspiracy theories, I'll be fine with it, I guess.

Anyway, the moon landing was totally fake! And the driver shot JFK!
I was there for that too. Two of us can kid. But there might be many people out there who think, since your blog mention, that you're a misbalanced crackpot. Holding the past's and the future's fate in your hands. But they do not know your humorous way with words. Take care Jere. Public image is important. Stay nameless, for now. It'll be OK in a couple days. I think. DUCK!!!!

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