Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another Day, Another Something

Last night I went to bed happy. I got a great, long night of sleep. I woke up to discover the Yanks were up 5-1, and the Red Sox were not on TV because the Yanks were on Fox. I flipped on the computer to see the Sox sown, it just changed,, it just changed again: 5-1. That's right, I basically got to enjoy yesterday's events for about 0 waking minutes.

Then the Red Sox made it 5-3, but when Jason Johnson got in trouble, we brought in Tavarez, who promptly made it 7-3. Can someone tell me if this is a joke? Or some kind of psychological experiment on Red Sox fans? Jason Johnson and Julian Tavarez are not only on our team, but are the two pitchers used in a game in mid-August in a pennant race. Is this what you're telling me? Is that payroll we see in cents or something? I'm very confused about this. These should not only be fired, they should be facing the firing squad. Somebody in those fancy offices should do something about this. Immediately.

In the Yankee game, all the usual crap. We've got McCarver telling us on an A-Rod error, "We're not here to make excuses, but not too many 3rd basemen in the league would've had that one." (Note: they all would have. Definitely.) Then we've got an ump calling an Angel out at first when the ball was far from Giambi's glove when his foot hit the bag. "Not even close," admitted the non-Buck partner of McCarver. Then after the Angels overcome that to get second and third, Guerreo gets picked off second by Posada. Only he didn't really get picked off. He threw to Jeter who made his patented "pretend tag," to end the freaking inning. Even McCarver admitted he "wasn't so sure." But Fox opted not to give us extensive replays, partly because they had to go to commercial.

Bonus good news: We've come back a little as I'm writing this. Pena, who homered earlier, tripled in two, so it's 7-5. Too bad I can't watch the game, depite having paid A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS for a stupid baseball package.

Ooh, "in play, run-scoring play"...

Dong! Mirabelli ties is with a two-run shot! Yeah, dude! Let's bring in some real pitchers for the rest of the game! Please! Let's win this! It's the Orioles! More later...

7-7, with bad vibes for bring them in...I can't bear to watch.
SOX WIN in 10. Manny!!!! Walk off single...cariac kids redux
This has nothing to do with the two teams we root for, but on what you said about Extra Innings. Extra Innings is a fucking joke. I hate that I pay so much money for the damn thing and MLB still tries to find ways to piss people off and not let the consumer watch any baseball game they’d like. I don't get it. I hate that I'm sucker for their audio feeds via the web too and I also pay money for EI. It doesn't matter if you pay MLB 1 million dollars; they have these archaic rules that make it impossible to watch a baseball game. It's so f'ing stupid.

What’s the point of blackouts? If you want to watch the Yankees and they are on FOX then you’ll watch the Yankees. If you want to watch the Sawx and they aren’t on local television, but you shelled out dough to specifically watch your team then I don’t know why MLB doesn’t allow the people that are paying EXTRA money to watch MORE games than the average fan so let them watch the games they are entitled to. Shit…they paid money for it. Why doesn’t the normal exchange of goods and services apply here?

It was worse three years ago, on Wednesdays ESPN had the rights to all of the games so you’d be blacked out on Wednesday and Saturday. I hate that they anally rape us with this package AND then continuously rape us throughout the season.

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