Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You Loafer!

Terrible job by Meat Loaf, not only for being a dick to O'Keefe when he delivered food to Loaf's house in Redding, CT back in high school, and not only for the shitty tunes through the years, but for this Yankee guitar:

And to think, he just threw out the first pitch at Fenway and wore a Sox hat. Just another person who'll do anything to be liked. (As if the people who see him doing the opposite thing when they're in a different town won't notice!)

[I got this from a Meat Loaf page, and they divided this pic up into four parts. So, Loaf is cut in half. The uncut pic is at the top of]

2-0 A's in the fifth.

Terrible Job, Texas Rangers.

What a bunch of chokers.
And I hate to say it, but Terrible Job by the Sox losing on the Sexton walk-off on my wedding day....I really was hoping for a W as a gift. The game ended right before I gave my toast...since the room was about 50/50 Sox/Dunbar fans, which everyone had been referencing all day, I was really looking forward to announcing that the Sox had picked up a game in the standings.
Sorry about your wedding deal. It just means that in your marriage, when troubled times come, you'll come cack to win 2 out of three in Oakland.

Congratulations to you and Upper East.
Thanks, Jere! "when troubled times come, you'll come cack to win 2 out of three in Oakland"
..that's really an excellent line; I'm really going to have to use it some time.
Yeah. It's cack-riffic.

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